30 December 2010

A Grand Feast for Harimau Malaya

salam and 안녕!

Well, Harimau Malaya won last night!
piles of congratulations and thanks to malaysian football players for doing the best for malaysia,
albeit that they have to play in a foreign land.
what more, there were some rumours spreading that the opponent's supporters would be just too aggressive.
there were also rumours that last night's match would be done in malaysia if only the opponent's supporters ruined the condition of the field.
above all, our players still showed their super powerful skills and discipline and determination to ensure that garuda won't be able to score any goals.
although indonesian team managed to bring home 2 goals during the second final match,
that was still not enough to beat malaysian's score of 4 goals totally for the first and second final match since the champion was determined through aggregates which malaysia is leading indonesia with two goals.

khairul fahmi che mat, malaysia's young goal keeper was superb!
he did his job very cleanly and successfully.
it was unimaginably amazing to see how he could catch the ball from entering the goal albeit that some of the attacks were the fast ones.
he seemed to be very confident, no he was very confident with his position.
every time that he managed to prevent the ball from entering the goal,
he will hug the ball and lied down for some time.
it looked like that he was playing with a cat, rolling and lying down.
guessed that he was expressing his gratitude to The Almighty for being able to catch the ball and kept motivating himself to continue doing the best for malaysia.
there was one time where the camera was focusing at him, the was laser ray pointed at him.
did he complain about that?
whether he realized that the laser was pointed at him or not, i was not very sure.
he knows which was much more important rather than barking around saying that laser ray was everywhere.
wasting time, kan fahmi?
after all, being a 21-year-old goal keeper with that good performance in international match will give him many advantages.
keep it up fahmi!

safee, who received the top scorer award, did his job skillfully,
what more with the help of the other team members.
norshahrul idlan talaha which was given the title "engineer" by the nation's football coach, rajagobal,
ashari who kept on working to give the best for malaysia,
safiq rahim as the skillful captain,
amri yahyah who managed to give stressful time for the garuda players,
and other players (just mentioning few names) were just superb last night.
what more with the aggressive strategy by the garuda ever since the match started.
they managed to hold on to the end.

malaysia's defense team was just too powerful to be easily passed.
the indonesian coach himself mentioned that his team could not play that well with the opponent team that has a strong defense.
well, proven. ;p
bambang who was brought in the last 30 minutes also couldn't help indonesia to score any more goals, leaving the garuda team with only two goals.

the cameras often focused on some beautiful girls which were also the indonesian supporters. are they the indonesian players' girlfriends? well, just wondering.

after all, malaysia players did their job very powerfully and skillfully.
congratulations once again!
aff suzuki cup is over, asean cup is waiting for you guys.
so us the same or much better performance please. :)


29 December 2010


salam and 안녕!

m now back in bp again.hee
arrived from shah alam around 100pm yesterday, right away find a place to fill the tummies.
after lunch, called my aunt who lives nearby to pick us up.
stay at her house for a night and going to be back to my real hometown this afternoon.

the second last day in shah alam,
my uncle brought us to the aquatorium, a place with soo many aquariums and various fishes in it.
i wanted to buy a tortoise bur realizing that it might be difficult to bring it home, i left my wish unfulfilled.
my little brother kiki was soo into the fishes because some of them are bigger than him. he
he then brought us to kompleks PKNS and left us there because he had to take care of his son.
we then went to SACC mall and wanted to go to plaza alam sentral as well but left it undone since the legs were too tired to walk for a few more steps.
waiting for my uncle in front of the mall for half an hour since he had to go to the shop to buy some things for dinner.

i could barely hold my eyes to sleep any later and 930pm, off i went to bed.

my aunt brought us to carrefour and i myself bought some stuffs to be brought back to hostel.

till then.

26 December 2010

her very first time watching a football match, completely.

done watching the final football match between malaysia and indonesia.
3-0, that was what malaysian players have proven to us.

frankly speaking, this is my VERY FIRST TIME watching a football match from the beginning up to the end.
unbelievable cos i don't go for football very much.
but, watching it with my mom and sister and brother, cousins, uncle and of cos my hilarious aunt made the 95-minute match went by just like that.
plus the help from the burger, cakes and snacks bought by my uncle and cousin.
thanks! :)

the feelings were mixed- nervous, happy, sad, disappointed and angry all together in one match.
couldn't stop giggling all the way to the end of the match because my aunt was simply hilarious.!
right after she sat down in front of he tv, malaysia gave the very first "telur ayam" to indonesia and never gave the garuda team any chances to give them back all the three 'telur ayams'.
the garuda team was surely having a "feast" with all the three "telur ayams" given by malaysia. hikhik
oops. no HARD feeling.

is looking forward for the second final match between harimau malaya and garuda on 29 december in jakarta.
hopefully malaysia is not only "jaguh di tempat sendiri".
prove to malaysians and the world that you can play well in any place given because you have the spirit, discipline and determination together with you always.


25 December 2010

shah alam. :)

salam and 안녕!

my second day at my uncle's house in shah alam.
arrived yesterday around 430 pm, straight away went to his house.
he just went back from terengganu for seven-day course.
of cos la he brought back soooooo many keropok lekor...hekhek
and i am the one who helped him finished them. lalala~

right after having dinner, we went to i-city, city of digital lights.
amazed with the technologies invented to build a city of digital lights-
100% of the decorations-the trees, the animals such as deers and peacocks and swans are man made.
did snap few photos there.

the next day,
went to mydin and all shops around there,
shop till drop.haha
bought few stuffs and filled our tummies with foods at the food junction there.
called my uncle to fetch us back.

rest for a while,
right after performing asar prayer,
went to tanjung harapan.
taking some fresh air from the sea breeze.
my aunt mentioned that 

after maghrib prayer,
my uncle treated us with seafood at the nearby seafood paradise.
muara seafood restaurant is the name given.
people were just like the particles in a solid, too many particles with almost no space for each other.
luckily my uncle did a reserve for us right after we arrived there.
our tummies were filled with too much seafood that we could barely walked to the car. hehe
thanks uncle for the treat!

after the dinner,
went to my pak ngah at kampung naga cos we are going to spend the night at his house. :)
that is all for today.
till then.

21 December 2010

Just stand up !

Meeting you with lyrics from a song that I want to share.
One of my favourites while I was still in school.


The heart is stronger
Than you think
It's like it can go
Through anything
And even when you think
It can't it finds a way
To still push on

Carrie Underwood:
You want to run away
Ain't got the patience
For the pain
And if you
Don't believe it
Look into
Your heart
The beat goes on

I'm tellin' you

Rihanna/Miley Cyrus:
Things get better
Through whatever

If you fall
Dust it off
Don't let up

Sheryl Crow:
Don't you know
You can go
Be your own miracle

You need to know

Chorus (Sheryl Crow):
If the mind
Keeps thinking
You've had enough
But the heart
Keeps telling you
Don't give up

Sheryl Crow/Beyoncé:
Who are we to be
Questioning &
Wondering what is what
Don't give up
Through it all
Just stand up

It's like
We all have better days
Problems getting all up
In your face

Leona Lewis:
Just because
You go through it

Don't mean it got
To take control, no

Leona Lewis:
You ain't gotta find
No hiding place

Keyshia Cole:
Because the heart
Can beat the hate

Leona Lewis:
Don't wanna
Let your mind
Keep playin' you

Keyshia Cole:
And sayin' you
Can't go on

I'm tellin' you that

Miley Cyrus:
Things get better
Through whatever

If you fall

Miley Cyrus:
Dust if off
Don't let up

LeAnn Rimes:
Don't you know you

Natasha Bedingfield:
You can go

LeAnn Rimes:
Be your own

Natasha Bedingfield:

Carrie Underwood:
You need to know

If the mind
Keeps thinking
You've had enough
But the heart
Keeps telling you
Don't give up

Mary J. Blige:
You don't gotta be
A prisoner
In your mind

If you fall
Dust it off

Mary J. Blige:
You can live your life

Rihanna/Carrie Underwood:

Mary J. Blige:
Let your heart
Be your guide

Yeah, yeah, yeah

Mariah Carey:
And you will know
That you're good
If you trust in the good

Will be alright, yeah
Light up the dark
If you follow your heart

Mary J. Blige:
And it will get better

Mariah Carey:
Through whatever

If the mind
Keeps thinking
You've had enough
But the heart
Keeps telling you
Don't give up

You got it in you
Find it within
You got in now
Find it within now
You got in you
Find it within
You got in now
Find it within now
You got in you
Ffind it within
Find it within you
Find it within
Through it all
Just stand up!

A today's story :)

Hi guys!
Come back again with the new background. hee
saya suka sebab background image saya warna biru  +  putih. awak tak suka takpe. saya tak kisah. hekhek.

Well, not so much stories to be told for today.
Completing the house chores in the morning, well, ehemm, got myself online first right after Subuh prayer :p, taking breakfast with  fried rice specially made by my sister and online again.

Lunch-preparation time,
my mother wanted to make one of my favourite dish which I now know how to make it, brinjal curry, chicken soup and grilled fish + air asam. SUPERB!!
tons of thumbs up for my mother. hekhek.
This is one of the reasons why staying at home making me put on weight. huh
What more, doing nothing but watching television. hahahaha

Watching television and get myself a nap for a while.
Woke up and listened to my little brother telling many stories,
it was really fun to hear a kid of his age telling stories from his perspective and his imagination.
He told some stories about dinosaurs and told me that he wanted to meet them someday.
I then told him that we can no longer see dinosaurs these days because they are completely gone from this world because of extinction.
I used the word "pupus" to explain to him,
and he was like "What is pupus?"
hahahaha. His confused reaction made him so cute at that time.
Well, nothing is wrong in teaching him some advanced vocabularies right? hikhik

Guess that is all that have happened today.
Going to watch the very first episode of Bukan Diriku, a sinetron.

20 December 2010

I'd love to watch them again T_T

this time's entry will be fully focusing on korean dramas that i have watched before and i want to watch them again!
anyone with these dramas, tell me please!


This drama is a little bit similar as the movie, My Tutor Friend where a teacher falls in love with a student. Kim Ha Neul has suddenly fallen in love with Kim Jae Won. I can’t really recall the story but I love the soundtrack. J I want to re-watch this!


One of the dramas that has become my favourite. It is simply because it displays my favourite cutest animal, dolphin! Yes, dolphins are used as part of the story when the heroin is having doubts whether or not she should go to Australia. Lee Wan gives the heroin a necklace with a dolphin as the loket. It can be said that I started to adore the cuteness of dolphins from this drama. Thanks to Summer Beach! I want to re-watch this!


Another drama that is up to my cup of tea. I love this drama because Jang Na Ra is in it as the main cast. Hehe. Na Ra is in a relationship with Ryu Si Won. Na Ra acts as a rich girl who falls in love with an ordinary man. She learns how to do the household after she get married. Na Ra just cannot escape from her cute nature. I love the soundtrack sang by Na Ra herself and one English song used in the drama entitled Nothing at all. I want to re-watch this!


I fell in love with this story because of Suh Do Young, the main character in the drama. He is just amazing and charismatic while playing the piano and singing. OMG! With his cute face and milky skin, he just makes me melts with his character. I first fell in love with Daniel Henney here. Moreover, this drama is filmed in Jeju Island, picturesque scenery with so many gardens and grass field. This drama really makes me wants to fly right away to Jeju Island and lie down on the bed of flowers under the bright blue sky. I want to re-watch this!


This is just so fantastic! A drama that is circling around a palace chef in the Joseon Dynasty (if I not mistaken) really has brought me to the new dimension of drama world. I first watched Korean drama with the casts wearing all the traditional costumes in this drama. I love the Hanbok, a gown-like costume worn by the women. Lee Young Ae is simply beautiful in the drama. There is a scene where she lost her taste sense and she is taught by her chief to use the natural flavour of the vegetables instead of depending too much on her sense. And she did it! I am really impressed with her diligence and perseverance as well as her determination in learning to be the best chef in the palace. I want to re-watch this!


Starring Hwan Hee as one of the main casts, I really can’t help the way they dance, break dance. This drama reminded me to an animal, a cute one named emu. From a bird category, it is just cute and adorable. It can be said that emu is the official animal for this drama. I simply love the soundtrack of this drama, sang by Hwan Hee who is also the member of FTTS (Fly to the Sky) entitled Tomorrow. That song has become one of my favourites since then. I want to re-watch this!


This is the first Korean drama that I watched when I was in primary school. Starring Jang Na Raand Jang Hyuk as the main casts, this has really made me mad about Jang Na Ra because she is just, CUTE!! I first used the term “Chaiyok2!” from this drama since Na Ra has been using it quite often in her lines. Na Ra is portrayed as a high school student that has a very “strong” personality. She is just cute being herself in the story, can’t imagine that she still as she was in this drama even though she is now in her late 20’s. I want to re-watch this!


I watched this drama when I was in my secondary school and I just so in love with the storyline. The setting during the winter simply brought in the mood of sadness and gloom but was well-balanced with the love story. Hikhik. I love Sung Yu Ri’s bedroom, full of snowflakes in white theme. Nice! Hyun Bin is just handsome and adorable despite his character as a boxer. I love the way they relate a tale with the drama, a tale about a snow queen whom fell in love with a man. I want to re-watch this!

i want to re-watch all those and many other korean dramas, I REALLY LIKE YOU starring Eugene, INTO THE SUN (Kwon Sang Woo), STAINED GLASS (Kim Ha Neul) and sooooo many more......!!

kaya puffs as easy as ABC!


sorry for taking quite some time to update the posts.
hahaha, who wants to read this anyway?
being temporarily privatised right?
yesterday, i got nothing much to do,
so i did an experiment.

making kaya puffs. hehe
got the recipes from hana's blog. thanks dear sis! :)
i found it quite interesting to try, so there it went yesterday.

went out to buy all the things and ingredients,
few days after only i tried it. haha
seemed that i thought for quite some time to do it.hee

the recipes was very simple, with some margarine, flour, eggs, water and some kaya to put after.
i managed to do it quite successfully on the first try. hee
the puffs were supposed to be put on the tray just like that,
i even experimented to put it in cups. hee
after all, i did it. :p
my aunt asked me to make it again.
okay ma'am! later. hee

didn't get to snap pictures while doing it, so google! hee
but mine is similar to these, just that i didn't put the kaya that much.

16 December 2010

being temporarily privatised,
thank you.


i ate BIG APPLE yesterday...
jgn marah... :p

13 December 2010

tag, tag, tag!

Mimie has tagged me in this. Thanks! :)

Rules: It's harder than it looks! Copy to your own note, erase my answers, enter yours, and tag twenty people. Use the first letter ofa your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real... Nothing is to be made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question. Tag 20 other people when you finish!

1. What is your name: Nurfarah Wahidah binti Mohd Hamid

2. A Four Letter Word: Nice!

3. A boy's name: Nubhan

4. A girl's name: Natasha

5. An occupation: Nanny

6. The name of a colour: Navy blue

7. Something you'll wear: Necklace

8. A type of food: Nuts

9. Something found in the bathroom: Nail clipper? hahahaha. WT?

10. A place: New Zealand

11. A reason for being late: Nosebleed

12. Something you'd shout: Now!

13. A movie title: Ngangkung. wakaka

14. Something you drink: Nectar

15. A musical band/group/personal: Narsha B.E.G

16. An animal: Newt

17. A street name: Newbury Street

18. A type of car: Nissan Teana. peewwitt!

19. The title of a song: Nothing at all

And the lucky 20 are as listed below:




Cik Azie




Kakak Tun Teja

Kak Zai

Mr Jj






Cik Taeyang


Me obsess



12 December 2010


blog sayang saya da bernyawa semula.
selamat kembali!

If you stopped halfway,
it is better if
you don't even start it at all.

Finish what you have begun.

SMILE an ocean, LAUGH a continent

They say that if you always laugh,
you'll grow a year younger.
But, if you frown once,
you'll get wrinkles.

an ocean,
a continent.


Keep your sweet smiles, get rid of your sweet meals

Salam and 안녕하세요!

Yesterday,I accompanied my mother to pay a visit on one of my uncles at Batu Pahat Hospital. He was admitted two days ago due to kinda stroke. He couldn't move the left part of his body while he was about to perform his Subuh prayer. While we went to visit him, he is getting better with the left body parts can now be moved. But, he is still weak and needs some time to recover.

He looks like that he cannot wait to go back home. Well, a home is still the best. A nurse came and checked his blood pressure, still too high for him to go back early. My aunt said that he is the hardest man to ever be persuaded to go to the hospital to have a regular medical check-up. And finally, they only know that he also has extremely high sugar level when he was admitted two days ago.

His wife said that he never takes too much attention on his healthy diet. He prefer a real black coffee with extreme amount of sugar in it, plus that he takes much salt and seasoning. And now when this happened, only he realizes the bad effects of being too friendly with those "culprits". Guess that his wife will take more serious attention on his diet after this.

Sugar, salt and other seasonings are simply not good enough for you to sacrifice your health for them. Try to stay away from them bit by bit. Start to have a healthier diet and lifestyle from this moment. You won't lose anything by giving up on them a bit. In fact, a longer lifespan with healthy body condition awaits you if you start it from now.

Keeping the sweetness in your smiles is strongly recommended, but to keep it in your melas and drinks, that is a big NO-NO. okie?

Make the world a place worth to live in by making yourself a perfectly healthy soul to live a life.

11 December 2010

Indonesian sinetron attacks!

Currently being a full timer as Indonesian sinetron viewer.


Starring: Nikita Willy, Rionaldo Stockhorst, Citra Kirana, Rizal Shahab, Risty Tagor

OST: Biarkan Aku Jatuh Cinta by ST12

My mother is to be blamed for my addict to this drama. Haha. A story about two girls, Safa and Marwah that happen to be sisters since they are of the same mother. Safa is now living with her rich father whom unfortunately doesn’t know that she is his daughter. Marwah is living with her mother (Safa’s as well) as a moderate family that is always being insulted by Safa’s father. There are so many conflicts in it and I do not know when it will end. Huu


Starring: Naysilla Mirdad, Ririn Dwi Ariyanti, Dude Harlino

OST: Sebelum Cahaya by Letto

Once again my mother injects me the desire to watch this. But I don’t go for it that much since from the beginning I watch this drama, there is no happy moment. Tears, tears and tears. Indonesian actresses sure know how to make the viewers cry a river while watching theirs. Urgh. Sometimes I even think that this drama is out of the reality because the protagonist’s life is so very dull and gloomy. Well, maybe I am not that lucky to watch it while the conflicts are growing, but watching is making me tensed. Haha. Have some life please!


Starring: Alyssa Soebandono, Nia Ramadhani, Christian Sugiono

OST: Cinta Sampai Di Sini by D’massiv

Aired on TV3 at 200pm, this drama is quite typical, with the conflict between the rich and the poor, the unreachable true love because of the obstacles from the third, fourth person and so on. I like it because the episodes now are circling on the happy moments. Hikhik. Nah, life needs balance you know. Cry a river and then smile an ocean. J


Starring: Nia Ramadhani, Randy Pangalila, Revan Narya

OST: Dia Milikku by Yuvie & Nuno

Being aired on weekdays at 630pm, this is one of my favourite dramas, a must-not-miss one. The well-known actress who is a year older than me, Nia Ramadhani as the main star promises a drama full of tears, hatred and sadness. The antagonists come and go, but never ends, keep on tailing behind the main characters. Kirana is portrayed as a very, super duper kind girl for willing to take care the daughter of a woman that has made her life, lifeless. Normal people will think million, trillion times, or not even bother to think even once to do that, but well, dramas allow impossibilities. A few more episodes to go and the trailer of the new drama has been aired.

Happy watching! :)

A boy of 3: Deal or No Deal?

Salam and hi. :)

Have you ever thought on how to handle a kid of 3? Specifically a boy? I have. And it is not something that can be put into the least priority or to be given the least attention and consideration. I think of that because I have a little brother of that age. I am always wondering why kids at this stage usually will have behavioral changes. Are they trying to adapt with the new environment? Well, I mean that not the new environment such as the new residential area or whatever, it is just the way they make themselves comfortable to the people around them, in line with the changes that happen in them while they are growing up- they can now speak their desires, cry a river if ever those are not fulfilled, showing dislikes and interests towards something and etc.

When my brother is about 2-year-old, he adores vegetables very much, in particular carrots-because of its hard texture. He doesn't go for those not-so-hard-texture in veggies that much. A year later, he becomes more picky about food, no vegetables are to be put on his meals. Now he goes for shrimps and fish but then he goes for chicken very much. And, he eats lesser than before. I just cannot figure out what is wrong with that meals. Even his favourites like shrimps, fishes and fried chicken cannot drag him out of the say-no-to-food world. Sometimes I even have to play along while feeding him. Well, you know, playing that the spoon is an airplane that is about to take off, provided with the sound effects. I wonder how my mother deals with this little boy at home.

He takes too much time on playing around, running, crying, playing, running, and crying again. One new thing that I notice while he is about to go to the fourth year of his age, he is still playing, still messing up his toys around the house like he is having an exhibition of toys, but he becomes lazier to pick things up and to make things back to normal. After he is bored with playing the toys, he finds it easier to run away and mess up another toys rather than to clean everything up. I notice this few weeks ago. Before this, he can easily clean those up. Is he throwing tantrums or what? I simply cannot figure it out.

After all, I am really proud of my mother that she is able to deal with us four, from the day we were born up to the age where we are big enough but still needs mother's guidance. It is hard, but my mother has done her job very, very well. :)

Thank you mother.

My mother said that the song

Trouble is a Friend by Lenka,

BEST! Hikhik

got to get her listen to more English songs after this. :p

Men have the habit of digging up the past wounds that they have buried.

They will feel belated regret and seek apologies when it’s too late.

- Mr Hwang, Cruel Love –

Is this really true?

Anyone with the answer?

09 December 2010

A dream not yet comes true

i want Baskin Robbins ice cream cake for my birthday!!!
sapa mampu belikan?

OMG! So many cakes to be chosen!
Celebration, Fluffy Bunny, Cookie Cake, Candy Crazy and Mud Pie are all mine!!

Really wants to try this cake!!
Please3 someone, buy me one! huhuk

somebody, buy me this pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee...........

This Cookie Cake must have got flavour a little bit similar as my favourite McFlurry right?
OREO + ice cream in a cake = cookies ice cream cake!

pleaseeeeee...let me dream these cakes tonight. hikhik

07 December 2010

nice blog award.

tagged by ain, kumawo. :)

1. Kenapa saya pilih nama blog saya camtu?
i.am.me: live life, laugh often, love much.
i want everyone, including me to have a better life,
a life with no hatred, sadness or whatever negative feelings,
that is by living life to the max, laughing out loud often and loving much.
i am me in this blog, so care less if i ever utter craps,
'cos i am just like you, a normal human being. :)

2. 5 perkara yang aku suka?
dengar lagu, tgk tb, makan, tgk org, keep.

3. 5 perkara yang aku tak suka?
ap yg aku tak suka tu la yg aku tak suka.he

4. tag orang lain....
kak dya
kak zai
mr jj
awak yang membaca ini

hak milik kekal dan terpelihara nurfarah wahidah.