30 December 2010

A Grand Feast for Harimau Malaya

salam and 안녕!

Well, Harimau Malaya won last night!
piles of congratulations and thanks to malaysian football players for doing the best for malaysia,
albeit that they have to play in a foreign land.
what more, there were some rumours spreading that the opponent's supporters would be just too aggressive.
there were also rumours that last night's match would be done in malaysia if only the opponent's supporters ruined the condition of the field.
above all, our players still showed their super powerful skills and discipline and determination to ensure that garuda won't be able to score any goals.
although indonesian team managed to bring home 2 goals during the second final match,
that was still not enough to beat malaysian's score of 4 goals totally for the first and second final match since the champion was determined through aggregates which malaysia is leading indonesia with two goals.

khairul fahmi che mat, malaysia's young goal keeper was superb!
he did his job very cleanly and successfully.
it was unimaginably amazing to see how he could catch the ball from entering the goal albeit that some of the attacks were the fast ones.
he seemed to be very confident, no he was very confident with his position.
every time that he managed to prevent the ball from entering the goal,
he will hug the ball and lied down for some time.
it looked like that he was playing with a cat, rolling and lying down.
guessed that he was expressing his gratitude to The Almighty for being able to catch the ball and kept motivating himself to continue doing the best for malaysia.
there was one time where the camera was focusing at him, the was laser ray pointed at him.
did he complain about that?
whether he realized that the laser was pointed at him or not, i was not very sure.
he knows which was much more important rather than barking around saying that laser ray was everywhere.
wasting time, kan fahmi?
after all, being a 21-year-old goal keeper with that good performance in international match will give him many advantages.
keep it up fahmi!

safee, who received the top scorer award, did his job skillfully,
what more with the help of the other team members.
norshahrul idlan talaha which was given the title "engineer" by the nation's football coach, rajagobal,
ashari who kept on working to give the best for malaysia,
safiq rahim as the skillful captain,
amri yahyah who managed to give stressful time for the garuda players,
and other players (just mentioning few names) were just superb last night.
what more with the aggressive strategy by the garuda ever since the match started.
they managed to hold on to the end.

malaysia's defense team was just too powerful to be easily passed.
the indonesian coach himself mentioned that his team could not play that well with the opponent team that has a strong defense.
well, proven. ;p
bambang who was brought in the last 30 minutes also couldn't help indonesia to score any more goals, leaving the garuda team with only two goals.

the cameras often focused on some beautiful girls which were also the indonesian supporters. are they the indonesian players' girlfriends? well, just wondering.

after all, malaysia players did their job very powerfully and skillfully.
congratulations once again!
aff suzuki cup is over, asean cup is waiting for you guys.
so us the same or much better performance please. :)



Ila Aqilah said...

style kan fahmi! hehe..

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kak qilah: yup2...hekhek
kak dya: yeay2!!! menang!

hak milik kekal dan terpelihara nurfarah wahidah.