29 December 2010


salam and 안녕!

m now back in bp again.hee
arrived from shah alam around 100pm yesterday, right away find a place to fill the tummies.
after lunch, called my aunt who lives nearby to pick us up.
stay at her house for a night and going to be back to my real hometown this afternoon.

the second last day in shah alam,
my uncle brought us to the aquatorium, a place with soo many aquariums and various fishes in it.
i wanted to buy a tortoise bur realizing that it might be difficult to bring it home, i left my wish unfulfilled.
my little brother kiki was soo into the fishes because some of them are bigger than him. he
he then brought us to kompleks PKNS and left us there because he had to take care of his son.
we then went to SACC mall and wanted to go to plaza alam sentral as well but left it undone since the legs were too tired to walk for a few more steps.
waiting for my uncle in front of the mall for half an hour since he had to go to the shop to buy some things for dinner.

i could barely hold my eyes to sleep any later and 930pm, off i went to bed.

my aunt brought us to carrefour and i myself bought some stuffs to be brought back to hostel.

till then.

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