20 December 2010

I'd love to watch them again T_T

this time's entry will be fully focusing on korean dramas that i have watched before and i want to watch them again!
anyone with these dramas, tell me please!


This drama is a little bit similar as the movie, My Tutor Friend where a teacher falls in love with a student. Kim Ha Neul has suddenly fallen in love with Kim Jae Won. I can’t really recall the story but I love the soundtrack. J I want to re-watch this!


One of the dramas that has become my favourite. It is simply because it displays my favourite cutest animal, dolphin! Yes, dolphins are used as part of the story when the heroin is having doubts whether or not she should go to Australia. Lee Wan gives the heroin a necklace with a dolphin as the loket. It can be said that I started to adore the cuteness of dolphins from this drama. Thanks to Summer Beach! I want to re-watch this!


Another drama that is up to my cup of tea. I love this drama because Jang Na Ra is in it as the main cast. Hehe. Na Ra is in a relationship with Ryu Si Won. Na Ra acts as a rich girl who falls in love with an ordinary man. She learns how to do the household after she get married. Na Ra just cannot escape from her cute nature. I love the soundtrack sang by Na Ra herself and one English song used in the drama entitled Nothing at all. I want to re-watch this!


I fell in love with this story because of Suh Do Young, the main character in the drama. He is just amazing and charismatic while playing the piano and singing. OMG! With his cute face and milky skin, he just makes me melts with his character. I first fell in love with Daniel Henney here. Moreover, this drama is filmed in Jeju Island, picturesque scenery with so many gardens and grass field. This drama really makes me wants to fly right away to Jeju Island and lie down on the bed of flowers under the bright blue sky. I want to re-watch this!


This is just so fantastic! A drama that is circling around a palace chef in the Joseon Dynasty (if I not mistaken) really has brought me to the new dimension of drama world. I first watched Korean drama with the casts wearing all the traditional costumes in this drama. I love the Hanbok, a gown-like costume worn by the women. Lee Young Ae is simply beautiful in the drama. There is a scene where she lost her taste sense and she is taught by her chief to use the natural flavour of the vegetables instead of depending too much on her sense. And she did it! I am really impressed with her diligence and perseverance as well as her determination in learning to be the best chef in the palace. I want to re-watch this!


Starring Hwan Hee as one of the main casts, I really can’t help the way they dance, break dance. This drama reminded me to an animal, a cute one named emu. From a bird category, it is just cute and adorable. It can be said that emu is the official animal for this drama. I simply love the soundtrack of this drama, sang by Hwan Hee who is also the member of FTTS (Fly to the Sky) entitled Tomorrow. That song has become one of my favourites since then. I want to re-watch this!


This is the first Korean drama that I watched when I was in primary school. Starring Jang Na Raand Jang Hyuk as the main casts, this has really made me mad about Jang Na Ra because she is just, CUTE!! I first used the term “Chaiyok2!” from this drama since Na Ra has been using it quite often in her lines. Na Ra is portrayed as a high school student that has a very “strong” personality. She is just cute being herself in the story, can’t imagine that she still as she was in this drama even though she is now in her late 20’s. I want to re-watch this!


I watched this drama when I was in my secondary school and I just so in love with the storyline. The setting during the winter simply brought in the mood of sadness and gloom but was well-balanced with the love story. Hikhik. I love Sung Yu Ri’s bedroom, full of snowflakes in white theme. Nice! Hyun Bin is just handsome and adorable despite his character as a boxer. I love the way they relate a tale with the drama, a tale about a snow queen whom fell in love with a man. I want to re-watch this!

i want to re-watch all those and many other korean dramas, I REALLY LIKE YOU starring Eugene, INTO THE SUN (Kwon Sang Woo), STAINED GLASS (Kim Ha Neul) and sooooo many more......!!

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