14 August 2017

went to kfry for the first time.
eight of us chatting and laughing like nobody's business.
ate two half-chicken sets, cheesy chicken set, two sets of bingsoos (melon and mango), two sets of ramyeon and drink for each of us.
full till the next morning.
you guys are jjang!

watched bad genius yesterday.
the whole cinema went silent all through the show.
immersed in the storyline, got attached to the characters portrayed by all new-in-acting actors and actresses.
amazed by how long Lynn's legs are (she is a model that's why) hihihi.
a mere MCQ exam taking was magnified in a deeper view and plotline.
a simple story as answering exam questions was beautified and leveled up into a thriller.
i wouldn't mind watching for the second time.

p/s: nak tengok the emoji jugak.hihihi

suzilala watched it yesterday and the man sitting next to her was sleeping soundly, snoring. guess not everyone get to enjoy the movie as much as i do. hihihihi

09 August 2017

School 2017, Ep.7
-Everyone Lies-
hello August.
sorry for the late greeting.

epsa done.
bunting for linus reading programme done.
paperwork for independence month programme done.
linus screening halfway done.
house chores always halfway done.
preparation to meet YOU? have i done enough?
What should i do Ya Allah?
This is a hard test for me.
I do not know what's the best to do,
how to think so that I wont hurt anybody in any way.
Should i just ditch No.2 and go on with my life w No.1 happily (maybe)?
I need to make No.1 happy, I love No.1 soooo very much than words can explain,
but No.2 has started creeping into my heart as well.
How Ya Allah 😢😢😢

This is too difficult..
What should I do?
Show me the best I can do to satisfy everyone Ya Allah.
Please I am begging You, the Most Powerful, the Most Loving, the Most Forgiving.
Pardon me for all the sins Ive done if this is the consequences of my past sins.

Help me Ya Allah, help....... Show me the guide to the best decision I can make.


p/s: I think I'm slowly getting the solution. Thank You Allah. :)

16 January 2017

i am terrified.
i am anxious.
i am perplexed.
am i?
hak milik kekal dan terpelihara nurfarah wahidah.