12 December 2010

Keep your sweet smiles, get rid of your sweet meals

Salam and 안녕하세요!

Yesterday,I accompanied my mother to pay a visit on one of my uncles at Batu Pahat Hospital. He was admitted two days ago due to kinda stroke. He couldn't move the left part of his body while he was about to perform his Subuh prayer. While we went to visit him, he is getting better with the left body parts can now be moved. But, he is still weak and needs some time to recover.

He looks like that he cannot wait to go back home. Well, a home is still the best. A nurse came and checked his blood pressure, still too high for him to go back early. My aunt said that he is the hardest man to ever be persuaded to go to the hospital to have a regular medical check-up. And finally, they only know that he also has extremely high sugar level when he was admitted two days ago.

His wife said that he never takes too much attention on his healthy diet. He prefer a real black coffee with extreme amount of sugar in it, plus that he takes much salt and seasoning. And now when this happened, only he realizes the bad effects of being too friendly with those "culprits". Guess that his wife will take more serious attention on his diet after this.

Sugar, salt and other seasonings are simply not good enough for you to sacrifice your health for them. Try to stay away from them bit by bit. Start to have a healthier diet and lifestyle from this moment. You won't lose anything by giving up on them a bit. In fact, a longer lifespan with healthy body condition awaits you if you start it from now.

Keeping the sweetness in your smiles is strongly recommended, but to keep it in your melas and drinks, that is a big NO-NO. okie?

Make the world a place worth to live in by making yourself a perfectly healthy soul to live a life.

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