20 December 2010

kaya puffs as easy as ABC!


sorry for taking quite some time to update the posts.
hahaha, who wants to read this anyway?
being temporarily privatised right?
yesterday, i got nothing much to do,
so i did an experiment.

making kaya puffs. hehe
got the recipes from hana's blog. thanks dear sis! :)
i found it quite interesting to try, so there it went yesterday.

went out to buy all the things and ingredients,
few days after only i tried it. haha
seemed that i thought for quite some time to do it.hee

the recipes was very simple, with some margarine, flour, eggs, water and some kaya to put after.
i managed to do it quite successfully on the first try. hee
the puffs were supposed to be put on the tray just like that,
i even experimented to put it in cups. hee
after all, i did it. :p
my aunt asked me to make it again.
okay ma'am! later. hee

didn't get to snap pictures while doing it, so google! hee
but mine is similar to these, just that i didn't put the kaya that much.

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