11 December 2010

A boy of 3: Deal or No Deal?

Salam and hi. :)

Have you ever thought on how to handle a kid of 3? Specifically a boy? I have. And it is not something that can be put into the least priority or to be given the least attention and consideration. I think of that because I have a little brother of that age. I am always wondering why kids at this stage usually will have behavioral changes. Are they trying to adapt with the new environment? Well, I mean that not the new environment such as the new residential area or whatever, it is just the way they make themselves comfortable to the people around them, in line with the changes that happen in them while they are growing up- they can now speak their desires, cry a river if ever those are not fulfilled, showing dislikes and interests towards something and etc.

When my brother is about 2-year-old, he adores vegetables very much, in particular carrots-because of its hard texture. He doesn't go for those not-so-hard-texture in veggies that much. A year later, he becomes more picky about food, no vegetables are to be put on his meals. Now he goes for shrimps and fish but then he goes for chicken very much. And, he eats lesser than before. I just cannot figure out what is wrong with that meals. Even his favourites like shrimps, fishes and fried chicken cannot drag him out of the say-no-to-food world. Sometimes I even have to play along while feeding him. Well, you know, playing that the spoon is an airplane that is about to take off, provided with the sound effects. I wonder how my mother deals with this little boy at home.

He takes too much time on playing around, running, crying, playing, running, and crying again. One new thing that I notice while he is about to go to the fourth year of his age, he is still playing, still messing up his toys around the house like he is having an exhibition of toys, but he becomes lazier to pick things up and to make things back to normal. After he is bored with playing the toys, he finds it easier to run away and mess up another toys rather than to clean everything up. I notice this few weeks ago. Before this, he can easily clean those up. Is he throwing tantrums or what? I simply cannot figure it out.

After all, I am really proud of my mother that she is able to deal with us four, from the day we were born up to the age where we are big enough but still needs mother's guidance. It is hard, but my mother has done her job very, very well. :)

Thank you mother.

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