25 December 2010

shah alam. :)

salam and 안녕!

my second day at my uncle's house in shah alam.
arrived yesterday around 430 pm, straight away went to his house.
he just went back from terengganu for seven-day course.
of cos la he brought back soooooo many keropok lekor...hekhek
and i am the one who helped him finished them. lalala~

right after having dinner, we went to i-city, city of digital lights.
amazed with the technologies invented to build a city of digital lights-
100% of the decorations-the trees, the animals such as deers and peacocks and swans are man made.
did snap few photos there.

the next day,
went to mydin and all shops around there,
shop till drop.haha
bought few stuffs and filled our tummies with foods at the food junction there.
called my uncle to fetch us back.

rest for a while,
right after performing asar prayer,
went to tanjung harapan.
taking some fresh air from the sea breeze.
my aunt mentioned that 

after maghrib prayer,
my uncle treated us with seafood at the nearby seafood paradise.
muara seafood restaurant is the name given.
people were just like the particles in a solid, too many particles with almost no space for each other.
luckily my uncle did a reserve for us right after we arrived there.
our tummies were filled with too much seafood that we could barely walked to the car. hehe
thanks uncle for the treat!

after the dinner,
went to my pak ngah at kampung naga cos we are going to spend the night at his house. :)
that is all for today.
till then.

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