21 December 2010

A today's story :)

Hi guys!
Come back again with the new background. hee
saya suka sebab background image saya warna biru  +  putih. awak tak suka takpe. saya tak kisah. hekhek.

Well, not so much stories to be told for today.
Completing the house chores in the morning, well, ehemm, got myself online first right after Subuh prayer :p, taking breakfast with  fried rice specially made by my sister and online again.

Lunch-preparation time,
my mother wanted to make one of my favourite dish which I now know how to make it, brinjal curry, chicken soup and grilled fish + air asam. SUPERB!!
tons of thumbs up for my mother. hekhek.
This is one of the reasons why staying at home making me put on weight. huh
What more, doing nothing but watching television. hahahaha

Watching television and get myself a nap for a while.
Woke up and listened to my little brother telling many stories,
it was really fun to hear a kid of his age telling stories from his perspective and his imagination.
He told some stories about dinosaurs and told me that he wanted to meet them someday.
I then told him that we can no longer see dinosaurs these days because they are completely gone from this world because of extinction.
I used the word "pupus" to explain to him,
and he was like "What is pupus?"
hahahaha. His confused reaction made him so cute at that time.
Well, nothing is wrong in teaching him some advanced vocabularies right? hikhik

Guess that is all that have happened today.
Going to watch the very first episode of Bukan Diriku, a sinetron.

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