20 January 2010

nothing to write.

it's been quite sometimes since i posted my latest entry.

i've got nothing to say.....


17 January 2010


suddenly my heart feel very packed.
filled with piles of feelings.
sad feeling.

in memory~
i think that this is the first time i ever posted my family photo.
i mean this photo.
the last photo.
taken together with my father.
know what?
during that Eid celebration,
he wanted us to take photo together and wanted it to be framed.
i didn't even imagine that was the last photo of us together.
i miss my father..
his absence has taught me to stand on my on feet.
went to school.
buy things.
i learnt to do on my own effort.
it was very hard for me at the beginning.
but i have to do it.
i have to.
i have to.
for my mom.
i should not depend on her anymore.
and that's why i became the new one
i don't cry in front of my family members if they talk about my father.
not even once.
coz if everyone are sad,
who's going to give them strength?
i am willing to do it.
am i bad?
and that feeling continues until now.
keeping everything that i feel.
doesn't matter if all that hurt.
most importantly..
no one will get hurt.

~mohd hamid bin boyadi...may you rest in peace~
my brother..
he used to be very close with my father..
after my fater passed away, he seems to change a bit.
maybe he miss my father..

do your best in study dear...:))
~we all love you~
my little brother..
the one that was born after my father passed away.
he doesn't even make it to meet my father.
but he is smart.
he seems to understand about my father's absence.
everytime my mom asked him where's our father..
he will show the photos that were hanged on the wall.

~may you grow up to be the best that you can dear...:))~
the one with the greatest inner strength
yet got the softest inner heart.
thank you very much for all that you have done for all of us..
you are my greatest mum in the universe...:))
i love you very very much...

my only sister..
the one that my mom can rely on during my absence.
the one in need and indeed.
p/s: for those who have read this post,
no questions are to be asked after this.

16 January 2010

class-painting session

salam and hi....

we started our work with painting the wall.
feeling hungry,
we asked hafiz and ariel to go and buy us roti canai and some drinks..hee
we were waiting for them for quite a long time..huu
luckily they came back.
ain, li-ya, ira and i managed to finish 5 roti canai because we were hungry to the max..hoho

aliff asked me to do his work.
my neck was aching..
but now it's ok..:))

can anyone guess who's feet is that?
ain candidly took the photo..keh3
good job ain...haha

. super saturday .

~super saturday scenes~
~the six dwarfs~
this morning, i, together with ira,
kekura, pia, nelisa, zati, arifah, ain n aida
went jogging at the field.
2 rounds only.
but it was better than nothing. right?heheh
dibah made 6 rounds.fuhh...
and she didn't even stop.
thunderous applause for her.:)
then, we sat for a while at the
side of the field and watching others who were still rounding the field.
after that..
we went to our new secret place..hee
sat there, giggling and talking while waiting for "the arrival of our gunak"
haha...sorry wani..
snapping session started.haha
with the presence of kak nisa, syu and jojo..
things were getting merrier..
we were really in to cameras!hehe

some of the photos snapped~
kekura mentioned that this was over cute..haha
kind of la actually...:p

haha...we did something out of the blue this morning.
sitting on the road...snapping pictures..
to our surprise,
our IPG's director passed by.
he stopped.
talked to dayana.

right after the car passed by,
we and our curiosity straight away attacked dayana.
luckily he didn't asked anything..keh3

i think so.
i said this to my dear just now.
"ain, cam hantu j...haha"
just look at her hands.
everyone's cute in the photo.
went back to our rooms to take a bath and went to the class
to finish the painting work that was still not complete.

15 January 2010

pia o pia..

salam and hi...:)

from pia to yda and vice versa~

safia aqila azhar threw her dissatisfaction towards me in class this morning.
dunno why...
she scolded me...
i felt upset..
i didn't think that i've done something bad to her...huu
(or did i pia?)
kinda real isn't it?
after the pulling face session,
safia, all of a sudden
gave me a piece of paper..
what for?
know what?
she wanted to send messages to me through the paper..
i just couldn't stand her full of anger yet funny face...keh3
pia is really one of a kind..
the most jendul people i guess...hek3
sorry pia..
just threw a joke anyway...

the strongest evidence that showed the mental disturbance done by pia towards yda...
p/s:it's really something to be like pia...............
happy go lucky........:))


i felt something yesterday.
pretty much hurting me at that time.
and still can be felt right now.
stop it.
i don't know what is happening right now...
is somebody doing something behind me??
God knows.
friends till the end.

10 January 2010


salam and hello to all...

me, together with the other three siputs named;
  • ain
  • ira
  • wani
went to plaza angsana.
the utmost important thing that has brought me to go there was to buy a new sport shoes.
well, the old one has a "baby croc" in front of it.

went there by bus(as usual),
i sat beside my dear kekura.
the other two sat next to us and were giggling all the way there...hehe

upon our arrival..we straight away find a place to let our tummies be filled with something.
we ate at McD.
finished eating, we went to perform our zuhur prayer.

there, we met a cute baby boy.
he is aidil haziq...
a one-year-old boy that has already have the sense of exploring things around him.
he did not show even a bit a fear feeling towards us.
he seemed to love ira more..
(well,,,i guessed that was because ira got a spongebob brooch.that's all.nothing more.haha)

our next destination was badan cemerlang.
bookstore has always been our first destination.hee
but this time none of us did bring back any books...
huu...well...i think that all IPG students might understand this.
we are now overwhelmed with quite a critical financial problem..huu

i have already a few book in my mind.heheh
ready to be attacked again by us, dear bookstore!hee

the two siputs, ira and wani were always
with their karaoke...huu
leaving me and ain all alone walking until exhaustion came attacking our legs.huu
me and ain went to meet ziemah right after i bought my sport shoes.
i have never been using a size 5 shoes.
but yesterday i bought one.:)
are my feet getting smaller?keh3

after a few moments waiting for them,
we met them at reject shop.
we still have to wait for them after that.
huu...waiting was really something..
poor ain..her legs were getting aching after a long walk.
we waited for both of them in front of kamdar.

after that.
we went home..
we did some walk around the terminal.

and walk some more to the hostel.huu
what a tiring day.......
i went to sleep very early last night.
before that me and ain watched the princess and the frog.
i was almost couldn't wait for the story to finish.
it seemed like somebody has closed my eyes with both hands.

after brushig my teeth, i went to bed.
night all!

~moments in angsana~

~got nothing to do while waiting for the two siputs, i asked ain to snap this picture..hee~
wanna buy? straight away go to angsana now~:))
i love this stairs..hee~

aidil haziq.....was playing with ira's spongebob brooch:))

~ cutie cutie boy:)))~

cutie cutie kekura...the one and only kekura that is able to move fast..hee

08 January 2010


salam and hi again...

our ldv class,
mdm johana gave us a topic on
the differences between men and women.
how typical or how unusual men and women are?

we separated into a few groups with the boys in a group only due to their small number..hee
we started discussing and found out that most men will go for the latest gadgets.
computers, handphones, and those kind of things..
gadgets are the most "in" thing for them.

but, there are men who will go for clothes, health care products...same as the women..
they are the metrosexual men..
those who prioritize their appearance.
huu...i guess that some of them take care of their appearance more than women.

metrosexual and urbansexual are different types of men.
urbansexual are those who have been given the look.nice look.
they just have to dress up a little bit and there they are.
nice and handsome.:))
just like aaron aziz...:))

what am i mumbling about?

move to the next agenda.
we learnt how to play the "gendang cina" this night..hee
it was hard as the one who taught us played the demo very fast.
but unfortunately,'me and ain did not get the chance to play it.
we just took a long time to practice on our own.

abg shafiie came to both if us and asked:

abg shafiie:nape tak main?
kami:ramai orang tu...huu
abg shafiie: td awal2 taknak main..


we made our journey home..
hehe...home la sangat...
we were doing the sewel things all the way back to hostel.
we also got to snap a picture together with k.anis, mawaddah,lia,syu and sheila..

arrived at the room..
open my lappy..
start writing new post and online fb..
until now..
dunno at what time will i go to sleep..

good night everyone!!


salam and hi..

and yesterday and yesterday...
(haha...sounded like life's brief candle, isn't it?)
yesterday was a day..
yesterday was also a history..
no matter how good or bad our yesterday was,
it will always be part of ourselves.

back to the actual business.
yesterday we played kompang for the first time in 2010.
we have played in 2009
yesterday was much interesting as
both the indian and chinese students,
the same batch as us,
were involved too.:)

we are going to make a kompang team consist of
100 people!!!
can u imagine that???
huu....surely it is going to be a herculean task to gather 100 people at the same time
and to ensure that all the 100 members will play the same tempo.

there is a but here.
i am sure that we are going to make it worked as
we can do it!

go go aja malaysians...!!:))

we were conducted and facilitated by abang azhar, the person who always has the sense of humour...:)),
and our vice director of IPG,
tn hj sasman..

everyone was trying the best to get play kompang..
well done everyone!

aliff and afif asked us to play together with them one song,but we just could not make it as we were rushing to return the kompangs to HEP.
huu....it's ok bros...the next time will always be there...hehe

enough about kompang..
let's move to the next post.

p/s: we have gerko this sem...oh my god!huu
i got hockey and we have to buy the hockey stick despite our biggest problem at this moment.
but may i scream?
thank you.
feel much better now.
trials will always make us stronger.
trust that.

04 January 2010

back-to-school week


the excitement is overwhelming in me right now...
going back to school, with additional subjects, new colour of our class building,
(orange...QUITE uninteresting is it?...haha)

new faces, new look of our restroom,
new committee members of the class,
everything is new as a whole.

i arrived in Ipg at about 1.00 pm yesterday where my kind uncle wanted to send me back to the hostel.
huuu....what a tiring day was yesterday..
busy tidying up my room, unpacking all the things that i have left in IPG before i went home a month ago.

luckily my mother had prepared something for me to eat, so i don't have to go out to buy food.
at night, the two aliens from the lower floor came to our room
(HAHAHAHA......sorry babe...no biggy keh...just want to throw a joke anyway..hehe)
we were giggling and giggling and giggling..haha.and giggling some more..:))

time to sleep has come..
a nice and enough sleep is a must as tomorrow is our first day class..huu
nity nite everyone!
have a super nice sleep..:)

01 January 2010

2010-the first entry


a very happy new year to all.
may 2010 bring you back something that you had left in 2009.

before that, i would like to wish my dear younger sister, nursyahirah binti mohd hamid a.k.a sheera:


may you become a better person that will never fail to stand up even when you fall down.
may happiness overwhelm your entire life journey.

last but not least,
strive for your upcoming SPM..
i know you can do it my dear.
you know what?

there are too many perceptions among people about new year.
some are ready with outer and inner strength to go through the life path that is full of obstacles.
some are ready with the long, long, long to-do list but never prepare themselves for it.
some are aiming to be better than the years before.
some are aiming nothing.
hoping for nothing.
and prepare nothing.
some don't even care whether the year changes or not.
to them, everything is just the same.
whether or not the year changes, they can still carry on with their life routines as usual.

something that we should know.
we do nothing.
we get nothing.
and that is the attitude of the weakest person.
always want to be safe by doing nothing because they are fear of failure.
NONE of the person live in this universe will escape from dealing with failure and obstacles in life.

do give yourself a try in everything that you want to do.
even if you fail,
you can still be happy and satisfied BECAUSE
you have tried and you have done the best that you can give from yourselves.
and that are things that will make your life sweet.
knowing that you have done something for yourself, for your life and for others eventhough you only did small things.
that is much, much better than do nothing.


till then.
see ya!!
hak milik kekal dan terpelihara nurfarah wahidah.