08 January 2010


salam and hi again...

our ldv class,
mdm johana gave us a topic on
the differences between men and women.
how typical or how unusual men and women are?

we separated into a few groups with the boys in a group only due to their small number..hee
we started discussing and found out that most men will go for the latest gadgets.
computers, handphones, and those kind of things..
gadgets are the most "in" thing for them.

but, there are men who will go for clothes, health care products...same as the women..
they are the metrosexual men..
those who prioritize their appearance.
huu...i guess that some of them take care of their appearance more than women.

metrosexual and urbansexual are different types of men.
urbansexual are those who have been given the look.nice look.
they just have to dress up a little bit and there they are.
nice and handsome.:))
just like aaron aziz...:))

what am i mumbling about?

move to the next agenda.
we learnt how to play the "gendang cina" this night..hee
it was hard as the one who taught us played the demo very fast.
but unfortunately,'me and ain did not get the chance to play it.
we just took a long time to practice on our own.

abg shafiie came to both if us and asked:

abg shafiie:nape tak main?
kami:ramai orang tu...huu
abg shafiie: td awal2 taknak main..


we made our journey home..
hehe...home la sangat...
we were doing the sewel things all the way back to hostel.
we also got to snap a picture together with k.anis, mawaddah,lia,syu and sheila..

arrived at the room..
open my lappy..
start writing new post and online fb..
until now..
dunno at what time will i go to sleep..

good night everyone!!


aTuL~ said...

abg shafie said>>cemas lah men gendang cine.

nyte sayamt

~binbinandherself~ said...


hak milik kekal dan terpelihara nurfarah wahidah.