16 January 2010

. super saturday .

~super saturday scenes~
~the six dwarfs~
this morning, i, together with ira,
kekura, pia, nelisa, zati, arifah, ain n aida
went jogging at the field.
2 rounds only.
but it was better than nothing. right?heheh
dibah made 6 rounds.fuhh...
and she didn't even stop.
thunderous applause for her.:)
then, we sat for a while at the
side of the field and watching others who were still rounding the field.
after that..
we went to our new secret place..hee
sat there, giggling and talking while waiting for "the arrival of our gunak"
haha...sorry wani..
snapping session started.haha
with the presence of kak nisa, syu and jojo..
things were getting merrier..
we were really in to cameras!hehe

some of the photos snapped~
kekura mentioned that this was over cute..haha
kind of la actually...:p

haha...we did something out of the blue this morning.
sitting on the road...snapping pictures..
to our surprise,
our IPG's director passed by.
he stopped.
talked to dayana.

right after the car passed by,
we and our curiosity straight away attacked dayana.
luckily he didn't asked anything..keh3

i think so.
i said this to my dear just now.
"ain, cam hantu j...haha"
just look at her hands.
everyone's cute in the photo.
went back to our rooms to take a bath and went to the class
to finish the painting work that was still not complete.

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