04 January 2010

back-to-school week


the excitement is overwhelming in me right now...
going back to school, with additional subjects, new colour of our class building,
(orange...QUITE uninteresting is it?...haha)

new faces, new look of our restroom,
new committee members of the class,
everything is new as a whole.

i arrived in Ipg at about 1.00 pm yesterday where my kind uncle wanted to send me back to the hostel.
huuu....what a tiring day was yesterday..
busy tidying up my room, unpacking all the things that i have left in IPG before i went home a month ago.

luckily my mother had prepared something for me to eat, so i don't have to go out to buy food.
at night, the two aliens from the lower floor came to our room
(HAHAHAHA......sorry babe...no biggy keh...just want to throw a joke anyway..hehe)
we were giggling and giggling and giggling..haha.and giggling some more..:))

time to sleep has come..
a nice and enough sleep is a must as tomorrow is our first day class..huu
nity nite everyone!
have a super nice sleep..:)

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