10 January 2010


salam and hello to all...

me, together with the other three siputs named;
  • ain
  • ira
  • wani
went to plaza angsana.
the utmost important thing that has brought me to go there was to buy a new sport shoes.
well, the old one has a "baby croc" in front of it.

went there by bus(as usual),
i sat beside my dear kekura.
the other two sat next to us and were giggling all the way there...hehe

upon our arrival..we straight away find a place to let our tummies be filled with something.
we ate at McD.
finished eating, we went to perform our zuhur prayer.

there, we met a cute baby boy.
he is aidil haziq...
a one-year-old boy that has already have the sense of exploring things around him.
he did not show even a bit a fear feeling towards us.
he seemed to love ira more..
(well,,,i guessed that was because ira got a spongebob brooch.that's all.nothing more.haha)

our next destination was badan cemerlang.
bookstore has always been our first destination.hee
but this time none of us did bring back any books...
huu...well...i think that all IPG students might understand this.
we are now overwhelmed with quite a critical financial problem..huu

i have already a few book in my mind.heheh
ready to be attacked again by us, dear bookstore!hee

the two siputs, ira and wani were always
with their karaoke...huu
leaving me and ain all alone walking until exhaustion came attacking our legs.huu
me and ain went to meet ziemah right after i bought my sport shoes.
i have never been using a size 5 shoes.
but yesterday i bought one.:)
are my feet getting smaller?keh3

after a few moments waiting for them,
we met them at reject shop.
we still have to wait for them after that.
huu...waiting was really something..
poor ain..her legs were getting aching after a long walk.
we waited for both of them in front of kamdar.

after that.
we went home..
we did some walk around the terminal.

and walk some more to the hostel.huu
what a tiring day.......
i went to sleep very early last night.
before that me and ain watched the princess and the frog.
i was almost couldn't wait for the story to finish.
it seemed like somebody has closed my eyes with both hands.

after brushig my teeth, i went to bed.
night all!

~moments in angsana~

~got nothing to do while waiting for the two siputs, i asked ain to snap this picture..hee~
wanna buy? straight away go to angsana now~:))
i love this stairs..hee~

aidil haziq.....was playing with ira's spongebob brooch:))

~ cutie cutie boy:)))~

cutie cutie kekura...the one and only kekura that is able to move fast..hee

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