27 February 2011


Salam and 안녕.

Walking away....


And I'll miss you.

Take good care and be nice. :)

I'll be leaving for a four-day BIG (you know what it stands for) and I won't be able to hear from you along that four days respectively.

Will see you soon.

26 February 2011

Pencarian Blog Paling Hensem Dan Cantik 2011

Salam and 안녕 fellow bloggers!

O yeah! The well-known Hikayat Si Luncai's blog is now in the process of finding the most handsome and beautiful blogs to be awarded!!

With that, I would like to join the search of the most handsome and beautiful blogs on behalf of my dear blog. :)
I think that it is high time for "her" (this blog) to seek the joy of the outside world. ehehe

If my blog gets awarded, it will be a big honour for me but if not, me myself will always think that my blog is beautiful in her own ways.
Self-bragging? Nope. I am assuming that my blog and I are two different "people" when I make that statement.
So, no issues ahead.
My blog is beautiful enough in my eyes.
Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, indeed.
No material-based prizes, in fact, the owner of this blog down here is going to do a-week-free-of-charge-promotion to the winners.
Double awesome!
What's more important than exposing your blog more to the world out there?

Since it is required to tag at two bloggers of different gender each, I will happily tag:


O, not to forget the closing date.
28 Feb 2011 / 11:59 PM
Be sure to be among the earliest!


25 February 2011

Blog Putih

Salam and 안녕!

Scroll down please. :)

Jeng jeng jeng!!

Seems familiar with this header?
Blog Pilihan Malaysia 2011 of course!

Well, while I was browsing through the entries in this blog, I was kinda attracted to a segment entitled
"Blog Mengikut Warna"
(click on the header above to straight away go to the specific entry in BPM )

Below are the rules and regulations to enter this segment.
Check it out yo!

Untuk menyertai segmen ini, anda perlu buat satu entri yang mengandungi:
  • Tajuk entri "Blog Putih"
  • Done. :)
  • Link blog ini
  • Done. Simply click on the header above. :)
  • Ceritakan dengan menarik, kenapa anda memilih warna tersebut dalam blog anda?
  • Hmmm....no specified reason i would say. Just a matter of unlimited craziness to blue and white. Yes, I am a white maniac when it is combined with my favourite colour blue. Besides, I simply want to make my blog look PURE and TRANQUILIZING with white as the theme. This blog's theme is inspired from the favourite colours of mine.
  • Sila tag 2 blog rakan anda yang mempunyai tema warna yang sama dengan anda. pastikan mereka tahu. (wajib kena tag 2 rakan, kalau lebih lagi bagus..)
  • Dilla Nur
  • Nudra
  • Fahmi
  • Ain
  • Suzila
  • Done. :)

Itu saja yang diperlukan, senang kan? ok lah kalau anda sudah siap entri tersebut sila tinggalkan maklumat berikut dalam ruangan komen di bawah:
  • Nama blog
  • Link entri yang sudah dibuat

[Perhatian : pastikan anda tinggalkan maklumat atas ni dengan betul, terutamanya nama blog anda. jika anda tidak buat kemungkinan saya tidak akan senaraikan blog anda.]

Tempoh untuk anda join segmen ni akan ditutup pada:

Jam 8 Pagi 26 Febuari 2011

Jangan lepaskan peluang ini!!

So guys, sila cepat cepat buat entri tentang Blog Mengikut Warna Ini! 


21 February 2011

I'm back! :)

Salam and 안녕!

Wahhhh...it feels like forever since I've left my blog with no new entries. But now, I'm back with a new one!
Huuuu...soooooooo many things happened these past few weeks and I just could not find any suitable time to update my blog. Time flew me away with always something to be done. huu
Thought of updating yesterday but kinda busy with assignment to be accomplished and to be submitted today + headache due to sky high curiosity over something and other side reasons.

Last 2 weeks' event: hang out with my beloved F4 at CS.
Went out after attending a program at the institute in the morning which called "Syurga Cinta", a kinda talk by the well-known writer, editor and lyricist for Nasyid group, Ustaz Pahrol Mohd Juoi. 
A talk that woke me up about the dos and the dont's.
Some of the input of his talk that I managed to jot down and managed to make me think that love is not necessarily to own, but to do the best for the one/s that we love.

- Love is an extraordinary power when happens to the exact person, at the exact time and under the exact condition.
- We will be together with the one/s that we love in the Hereafter.
- If we did not know what exactly that we find in this world, we will never, never get it, forever.
- Love someone that love and need us, not someone that we love and adore to death cause you'll never know when will your heart change and whether the person that you love will stand by you forever.
- A person can never love others before he is  able to love himself and he can never love himself if he is still unable to love His God.
- LOVE is = a RESPONSIBILITY, not a stupid joke that you can toy around.
                 = a DEED, not a bunch of sweet-but-mean-nothing words.
                 = an act of GIVING, not an act of RECEIVING.

Previously, I called my mother, informing her about me hanging out with friends after the program.
She asked what was the program about.
I answered her "Syurga Cinta"
She seemed to understand the content of the program that I was about to hear and gave me one piece of meaningful serious advice but in a very relax and 0% tension. That piece of advice that I believe in, that makes me able to go through stuffs related to that thing called love. I always remember what she said and I am glad that she gave me that.

Enough of that, get back to the real business.
Went out after Zuhur prayer for we had to wait for Wani who is part of the program committees.
They suggested to watch movie and the only one available at that point of time is Yogi Bear, considering that I won't go any step closer to the cinema if they ever bought the horror movie tickets.
I was soooo extremely excited since I really wanted to watch that movie.

Do you know why?
Hahaha, that movie is where I found the character Booboo, which I now use as my nickname. hikhik
And as expected, the movie was hilarious! We laughed out hearts out when Yogi did something funny and was controlled by the always-calm Booboo. O, how cute they are!!
Yogi is simply a genius! He is not a bear! He's a genius!

Ira treated an ice cream that she promised me decades ago. hahaha
While we were busy eating ice cream, Wani came up with a crazy idea to make poses in front of the MNG store. huuu
What to do, we did it out of the concern of the crowds around.
Window shopping and off we went back to the institute.
At the terminal, we went to fill our stomach with KFC after performing Maghrib prayer.
It was a brief outing, but it was enjoyable and fun. :)
Thanks to the three musketeers of mine. ♥

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....this was the most excciting part that I want to tell you guys.
For the very first time in my life, I managed to be a blood donor!!
Thank God that I managed to do it this year since I wasn't able to do it last year due to some reasons. huu
I was extremely excited to go for blood donation that Ain told me that my face was shining very brightly. haha
We went together with Dayana, Suzila and Pia to the hospital. We were lucky enough to have the bus that should be taking us to the hospital to make a reverse to take us along. When we reached the blood transfusion unit, many other students from the institute had already there.

We had to undergo few steps before we could really donate our blood.
The first one was to check the hemoglobin level in our blood. Those with the hemoglobin level of 12.0 and below cannot donate his or her blood and that what happened to Dayana. huu
Luckily mine was 13.0 but that still couldn't beat Ain's with 14.2. She is seriously healthier than me, but smaller. hakhakhak
 O yeah! And I am an A type blood owner. hehe

A for "APSTAIRS". hahhaha. what the.

We then went to meet a nice young woman doctor who is responsible to check our blood pressure.
Mine was normal and she immediately ticked on the triple bags for the amount of blood that I could donate. She asked my weight and when I told her mine, she crossed the previous and tick on the double bags. Haha. Was my weight too unconvincing?? huuu

Went to the last process before the  blood transfusion. hehe
Off I went to donate my A-typed blood. hahah
Kinda excited and no goosebumps at all.
Quite unbelievable for me who is always shivering whenever I try something unfamiliar to me.
The needle was indeed BIG but did not hurt at all, just a small temporary pain.
As my blood vessel is too small, the process of my blood transfusion was the latest among us four. huu
We all donated a 350ml bag of blood each and we were happy. :)

Our moments of being blood donors. :)

My very first time donating blood and I could never be happier. :)

If you ever have the courage to donate blood, please do so because it will never make you lose things, in fact, it rewards you with so many other things. And one of them is that our small deed may be able to save a life. :)
So, go and donate blood to those in need! :)

p/s: O yeah! I did two ridiculously crazy things before I went back home because of my little dongsaeng's challenge. huuu
NEVER, NEVER and NEVER in my life I had done that before.
That was crazy but exciting and kinda adventurous. haha
Still waiting for Fiffy's double ice cream treat. hikhik

Till then, tata!!


12 February 2011


Salam and 안녕!

Fellow bloggers, this entry will be focusing on a pair of  expensive-glamorous-jaw-droppingly gorgeous shoes.
One of the exclusive lines from the awesomely famous shoes and accessories designer JIMMY CHOO.

Jimmy Choo Quinze Embellished Sandals in Nude

is the name given.

Sooooooo awesome!!
Realized its existence first in one of the Korean dramas, Prosecutor Princess starring Kim So Yeon who happens to be the one wearing this pair of awesome sandal.

The very first time that I fell in love with sky-high heels.

The price of the shoes is € 1295.00 or in Malaysian Ringgit is RM 5352.99. huu
Anyone to buy me a pair?

Suede sandal with Swarovski crystal embroidery in nude

 Upper: Suede
Lining: Sheep leather

Heel height: 12cm

Platform width: 1.5 cm

Worn by Kim So Yeon in Prosecutor Princess with the brand changed to Gioberni.

Colour: Nude
Jaw-droppingly-sexy and gorgeous!

When shown in the drama for bidding and is managed to be sold with the price of 8 million.

Hollywood stars Diane Kruger, Heidi Klum, Elizabeth Banks, J Lo are also wearing one!

A piece of advice to wearers and wearer-to-be.
This product is the result of extensive research, resulting in fine details synonymous with high quality luxury. Always store your product in the felt pouch provided when not in use.

Other similar design and detailed features of Jimmy Choo's:

Awesome 1

Awesome 1 in anthracite

Awesome 2

The ultimate awesomeness in black

They all give me weak at the knees and make my heart skips a beat.
Help me!
I am drowning!
Blupp! Blupp!

It is never a sin to dream for dreams are what will bring us to realities if we put effort in them.
As what Jung Yong Hwa mentions in WGM,

    R             =      V        D

So girls,
start dreaming of having one of these!
Who knows a pair of these awesome sandals may suddenly come in front of your house. heee

All photos are courtesy of jimmychoo.com


11 February 2011


Salam and 안녕!

Wah, long time no see my beloved blog and all fellow bloggers!
Left my blog dusty for ages and has finally come back.
Got no time to update, well, actually the time is there, but Korean dramas simply cannot be resisted. hee

Currently watching whole-heartedly three Korean variety shows,
Running Man, Oh! My School and We Got Married.

Laugh my heart, lung and all body parts out while watching Running Man because of the hilarious MC Yoo Jae Suk who has done a superb job while emceeing Family Outing.
Plus the presence of the former entertainers in FO, namely Jong Kook, Chun Hee, Hyo Ri and many more together with the newcomers, the 190cm-tall Kwang Soo, HaHa, Jin Suk Jin, Gu Yong Ha Song Jung Gi and most importantly my dearie Jung Yong Hwa. hehe
This show is surely tough for them since they are to run non stop for over 10 hours, accomplishing various tough games to break the secret code so that they can escape from the all-locked exits. The losing team will have to get their weak and exhausted bodies to work more as the penalties for being the losers.

The next anticipating variety show is Oh! My School. OMG!
This show is really really entertaining since my Choi Min Ho is in it!
Besides, this variety show is about the entertainers from various entertainment world to come back to school and experience the school environment in a more fun and enjoyable way.
Well, this song does make me laugh out loud at some scenes especially the scenes involving Simon D and Hong Gi, the hilarious couple of Oh! My School. heee
They are simply crazy and adorable.

However, my Min Ho is said to have an unusual attraction with Eun Seo, the other guest in the program.
Huu, she is adorable indeed, a goddess-like face with simply flawless womanly character. hee
She is much older than Min Ho, but age means nothing to both of them. It seems that their affection is getting better from day to day, and that makes me a bit disappointed but never stop me from watching this show. :)
All MUST watch Oh! My School episode 7 where they are having couple-like phone calls AND the couples Minho-Enseo and Honggi-Min Ah are soooooo cute!!

The third one is last year's variety show, We Got Married Season 2.
This season features the couples Jung Yong Hwa- Seo Hyun and Nickhun-Victoria.
I only begin to watch the episodes of the Sweet Potato Couple which is Jung Yong Hwa- Seo Hyun.
Yong Hwa is quite mischievous as compared to Seo Hyun who is soooo naive and innocent.
This couple seems to be soo compatible because the have mutual interest in musics.
Seo Hyun's talent in playing the piano and Yong Hwa in guitar is super amazing.

p/s: WGM Yong Hwa- Seo Hyun is really something, to me. ♥

Yong Hwa- Seo Hyun ♥

Seo Hyun- Yong Hwa ♥



Till then.
Don't forget to watch these fellow bloggers! ♥


hak milik kekal dan terpelihara nurfarah wahidah.