11 February 2011


Salam and 안녕!

Wah, long time no see my beloved blog and all fellow bloggers!
Left my blog dusty for ages and has finally come back.
Got no time to update, well, actually the time is there, but Korean dramas simply cannot be resisted. hee

Currently watching whole-heartedly three Korean variety shows,
Running Man, Oh! My School and We Got Married.

Laugh my heart, lung and all body parts out while watching Running Man because of the hilarious MC Yoo Jae Suk who has done a superb job while emceeing Family Outing.
Plus the presence of the former entertainers in FO, namely Jong Kook, Chun Hee, Hyo Ri and many more together with the newcomers, the 190cm-tall Kwang Soo, HaHa, Jin Suk Jin, Gu Yong Ha Song Jung Gi and most importantly my dearie Jung Yong Hwa. hehe
This show is surely tough for them since they are to run non stop for over 10 hours, accomplishing various tough games to break the secret code so that they can escape from the all-locked exits. The losing team will have to get their weak and exhausted bodies to work more as the penalties for being the losers.

The next anticipating variety show is Oh! My School. OMG!
This show is really really entertaining since my Choi Min Ho is in it!
Besides, this variety show is about the entertainers from various entertainment world to come back to school and experience the school environment in a more fun and enjoyable way.
Well, this song does make me laugh out loud at some scenes especially the scenes involving Simon D and Hong Gi, the hilarious couple of Oh! My School. heee
They are simply crazy and adorable.

However, my Min Ho is said to have an unusual attraction with Eun Seo, the other guest in the program.
Huu, she is adorable indeed, a goddess-like face with simply flawless womanly character. hee
She is much older than Min Ho, but age means nothing to both of them. It seems that their affection is getting better from day to day, and that makes me a bit disappointed but never stop me from watching this show. :)
All MUST watch Oh! My School episode 7 where they are having couple-like phone calls AND the couples Minho-Enseo and Honggi-Min Ah are soooooo cute!!

The third one is last year's variety show, We Got Married Season 2.
This season features the couples Jung Yong Hwa- Seo Hyun and Nickhun-Victoria.
I only begin to watch the episodes of the Sweet Potato Couple which is Jung Yong Hwa- Seo Hyun.
Yong Hwa is quite mischievous as compared to Seo Hyun who is soooo naive and innocent.
This couple seems to be soo compatible because the have mutual interest in musics.
Seo Hyun's talent in playing the piano and Yong Hwa in guitar is super amazing.

p/s: WGM Yong Hwa- Seo Hyun is really something, to me. ♥

Yong Hwa- Seo Hyun ♥

Seo Hyun- Yong Hwa ♥



Till then.
Don't forget to watch these fellow bloggers! ♥



a-En said...

dah keje part time pengulas cita2 korea ek?

farah booboo said...


a-En said...

asah bakat tuuu.
sukasukasuka (=

SasHa Lee said...

Farah kat ne leh tgk WGM yonghwa erh..

farah booboo said...

sasha: uhh.... amik dari kwn ni....provider cte korea ni...try tgk kat kpopella.com, tak pun kat mysuju..
hheeee....jarang tgk online...

hak milik kekal dan terpelihara nurfarah wahidah.