26 February 2011

Pencarian Blog Paling Hensem Dan Cantik 2011

Salam and 안녕 fellow bloggers!

O yeah! The well-known Hikayat Si Luncai's blog is now in the process of finding the most handsome and beautiful blogs to be awarded!!

With that, I would like to join the search of the most handsome and beautiful blogs on behalf of my dear blog. :)
I think that it is high time for "her" (this blog) to seek the joy of the outside world. ehehe

If my blog gets awarded, it will be a big honour for me but if not, me myself will always think that my blog is beautiful in her own ways.
Self-bragging? Nope. I am assuming that my blog and I are two different "people" when I make that statement.
So, no issues ahead.
My blog is beautiful enough in my eyes.
Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, indeed.
No material-based prizes, in fact, the owner of this blog down here is going to do a-week-free-of-charge-promotion to the winners.
Double awesome!
What's more important than exposing your blog more to the world out there?

Since it is required to tag at two bloggers of different gender each, I will happily tag:


O, not to forget the closing date.
28 Feb 2011 / 11:59 PM
Be sure to be among the earliest!



Encik Luncai said...

hye farah..thanks join..good luck :)

farah booboo said...

encik luncai: thanks! :)

Aida Lela said...

gud luck farah :)

farah booboo said...

aida lela: thank you sis :)

hak milik kekal dan terpelihara nurfarah wahidah.