12 February 2011


Salam and 안녕!

Fellow bloggers, this entry will be focusing on a pair of  expensive-glamorous-jaw-droppingly gorgeous shoes.
One of the exclusive lines from the awesomely famous shoes and accessories designer JIMMY CHOO.

Jimmy Choo Quinze Embellished Sandals in Nude

is the name given.

Sooooooo awesome!!
Realized its existence first in one of the Korean dramas, Prosecutor Princess starring Kim So Yeon who happens to be the one wearing this pair of awesome sandal.

The very first time that I fell in love with sky-high heels.

The price of the shoes is € 1295.00 or in Malaysian Ringgit is RM 5352.99. huu
Anyone to buy me a pair?

Suede sandal with Swarovski crystal embroidery in nude

 Upper: Suede
Lining: Sheep leather

Heel height: 12cm

Platform width: 1.5 cm

Worn by Kim So Yeon in Prosecutor Princess with the brand changed to Gioberni.

Colour: Nude
Jaw-droppingly-sexy and gorgeous!

When shown in the drama for bidding and is managed to be sold with the price of 8 million.

Hollywood stars Diane Kruger, Heidi Klum, Elizabeth Banks, J Lo are also wearing one!

A piece of advice to wearers and wearer-to-be.
This product is the result of extensive research, resulting in fine details synonymous with high quality luxury. Always store your product in the felt pouch provided when not in use.

Other similar design and detailed features of Jimmy Choo's:

Awesome 1

Awesome 1 in anthracite

Awesome 2

The ultimate awesomeness in black

They all give me weak at the knees and make my heart skips a beat.
Help me!
I am drowning!
Blupp! Blupp!

It is never a sin to dream for dreams are what will bring us to realities if we put effort in them.
As what Jung Yong Hwa mentions in WGM,

    R             =      V        D

So girls,
start dreaming of having one of these!
Who knows a pair of these awesome sandals may suddenly come in front of your house. heee

All photos are courtesy of jimmychoo.com



sYu's RaMLi said...

i want onee!!!!
but i want lower heel....

a-En said...

heels speanjang pembaris pendek hekkk??
best gilak!!

cHeN-Ta said...

aq nak jugak..
nak yg no 2 tue..
tersangat n sangat lah lawanya..
xleh nk handle dah nie..
*pengsan skjp..

farah booboo said...

syusyu: huuuu...lower heel tade la...sume sky high...huhuk

farah booboo said...

ain: hahahhaha, menawan kan? tapi menyakitkan..huu
tapi nak jugak! tak kira!

farah booboo said...

irakula: hahhaha...cantik kan???
meh la pengsan bersama sama....hehehhehe

SUZILA said...

ish ish ish

farah booboo said...

suzila: kenapa? hehe

gEe said...

nice. i love it. :)

farah booboo said...

gee: me too! :)

cika said...

cika pun pnah wat entri psl ni gak...kite sme larh...hahaha

farah booboo said...

cika: oh ye?? hehe

sekupang said...

sumpa lawa!!!
spe nk blikan tok ak nieyh...
dpt pkai ksut gnie..
bukn time jlan jew ak pkai..time nk titow p0wn ak pkai kali..hukhuk

farah booboo said...

cik kupang: ahhahahaha
tgu kawin ngn jutawan atau diri sendiri jd jutawan..hakhak
pakai masa tdo ye.....senang nak sleepwalking kah?hikhik

Dilla Nur said...

santeknyeee...nak jgk kasut neh...huhu...ngh tgk citer prosecutor princess skrg...hehe...

farah booboo said...

sis dilla: kita jamu ngn gambar j la boleh? hehehhe

fara feroza said...

wow...santek kot..:)

farah booboo said...

fara feroza: cantik sangat!!!!

hak milik kekal dan terpelihara nurfarah wahidah.