31 October 2011

Life is simply unpredictable,
we often feel really close with some,
yet they are too far to be reached
even we are holding their hands,
listening to their voices
and seeing them everyday.

We may be close with them,
but how close and understanding are we to know
what are circling in their minds?

We may see them cracking jokes,
bursting laughter
and wearing smiles all day,
but are they real?

When they cry a river,
we thought that by having us beside them will make them calm,
will tranquil them,
but it is the opposite in fact.
They prefer us to be absent instead.

That is life.
We will never know
which are friends
which are foes
until that very one moment when we fall,
will those hands offer help
will we be left behind.

Never give people your trust that easily for you not to be hurt.
Trust only you and your heart
and seek guidance from Him
since the person that you know best is yourself.

18 October 2011

Life, as it is.

As we grow up,
we learn that even the one person that wasn't supposed to ever let us down,
probably will...

You'll have your heart broken,
and you'll break others' hearts.

You'll fight with your best friend,
or maybe even fall in love with them.

And you'll cry because time is flying by.

So take too many pictures,
Laugh too much,
Forgive freely,
And love like you've never been hurt.

Life comes with no guarantees,
no time outs,
no second chances.

You just have to live life to the fullest,
tell someone what they mean to you and tell someone off,
speak out,
dance in the pouring rain,
hold someone's hand,
comfort a friend,
fall asleep watching the sun comes up,
stay up late,
be a flirt (?),
smile until your face hurts.

Don't be afraid to take chances,
or fall in love,
and most of all,
live in the moment
every second you spend angry or upset,
is a second of happiness you can never get back.


People are different,
so at times,
there may be actions or words that hurt you,
but it's okay,
as long as you keep Allah and His Prophet in your heart.

Because nothing can ever challenge the protection Allah may give to you.
So, the harder you days are, the stronger and closer you should be to Him.
Allah knows best.

"Awak tu papanlah papan!"

Ade ke patut dy kata aku cmtu?
Tape, aku still sayang dy.
Kan Nurul? <3

Congratulations. :)

14 October 2011

08 October 2011

Allah always has three replies to our prayers.

Allah always has three replies to our prayers.
Yes but not now
I have better plan for you.
just maybe,
he is not the one for you.
Or maybe if he is,
it's not the time yet.
Allah knows best.


07 October 2011

Puppet show during LB class! (Sang Gajah, Sang Monyet dan Raja Rimba)

Assalamualaikum and hi and good day.

Kami kena wt puppet show time kelas LB haritu.
(Sebenarnya bukan haritu, da berminggu da, baru nk post..heheeee)

Weeks before, Puan suruh kami wt boneka pelbagai jenis,
boneka sarung tangan (kumpulan saya)
boneka tali (kumpulan Cik Azie)
boneka lidi (kumpulan Omma)
boneka tongkat (kumpulan Akin)
wayang kulit (kumpulan Fiffy)

Tapi, sempat snap boneka kumpulan kami je...
Sebab immersed sgt tengok puppet shows groups lain.hehee

Nah puppets kami.
Comel tak macam kami?
Cakapla comel. HAHA

Ni Safia punya, Sang Monyet nama dia.hee
Spot the banana.hee
Highlight boneka ni..

Ni pulak Qurraini punya, nama dia? Raja Rimba.
Boneka paling kompleks kot sebab kena tampal satu satu dia punya rambut (?) warnawarni kat kepala tu.

Ini pulak beta yang punya!
Hehe, Sang gajah kesayangan <3

Haiwan di rimba :)
Truly handmade tw...

Ni pulak group Omma ngn boneka lidi mereka.
Tak ingat tajuk puppet show dorg apa tp sgt kelakar. Macam cte kartun kat tv.hee

Sori la tp tak tw nape asyik muka Omma je yg mencapub kat gambar2 ni sume. huu

Nampak tak boneka sebelah kanan tu?
Tu nama dia Tengkorak Ungu. HAHA

Pem"bikin" boneka sarung tangan.hee

Sang Gajah sebelum diberi sepasang mata.

Sang Gajah lepas ada mata.
Kena lukis guna marker je mata boneka2 kami sebab cari wobbly eyes tade.huuu

Seronok tw sebenarnya buat boneka ni,
rasa macam budak budak pun ada.
Paling excited time kelas wt boneka ni la. hehehe

Till then.

Assalamualaikum and hi and good day.

Oh ye. Haritu tertinggal satu foto yg Pia snap time kitorg ade kelas CL tu.

Ni haaaa....
Budak comel punya..hehe

Sorry ye Fiffy <3

Cantik tak handwriting Fiffy, NONALI? :P

06 October 2011

Aku tak tahu kenapa aku tak boleh tak biasa atau tak tahu macam mana nak guna ganti diri selain "kita" even pada adik2, sepupu aku.
Macam weird gileeee guna akak. huuaaa
Normal tak ni??
Macam tak.

05 October 2011

Children's Literature: Our artwork during the class

Assalamualaikum and hi and good day.

This happened last week but I only managed to post the photos in my blog this week due to tons of assignment coming in, resulting in me head clogged. HAHA
Okay, now when the assignments are over,
we can sit in front of the lappy and just enjoy watching the photos taken by Safia during our CL class with Miss Ratha.

As usual, the class was fun-filled,
and that day was even more exciting since we were brought back to the environment where pencil colours, coloured papers and crayons took the lead in teaching and learning lesson.

O okay, less words, photos coming in.

Harabuji and Safia's #1

Harabuji and Safia's #2
Mereka sangat bangga sebab sume yg mereka buat tak dapat balik (every single thing was on display)

Oh ye. Ni kekura and I yang wat.
Comel tak comel tak?
Cakap la comel. HAHA


Oh. Ni Safia punya tapi tak nampak dia tulis apa tu.

Yg ni maybe Fiza's.

Fiza's #2


Is thisAliff's?


Acap's and Ariel's.

Ours are on display! Suke3!

Till then.

04 October 2011

To: Miss Nur Afifah (is someone reading this other than you? :P)

Vegetables are delicious and wonderful.
(Miss Ratha, 2011)

They are not horrible.
They are not threatening, in fact.
So what say you?
Still go for the only salad?
You decide. :P

02 October 2011

Open Room photos revealed!

Assalamualaikum and hi and good day.

baru hari ni dpt upload gambar time kitorg wt Open Room tu..

Nah2 amik la,
tgk gmbr2 ni...ehhehe
Let the photos speak up our thoughts and feelings.

Muka semua ceria lepas kenyang habiskan semua makanan.HEEE

Pose ala-ala perempuan dengan baju tajaan Cik Fatin kita..:p

Teka tangan sapa?
Tengok prev photos.
Over semacam hulur tangan nak minta maaf. heehe

Pose ala-ala masquerades plak.
Spot the difference.
Jumpa tak?
Ala, tu depan sekali tu...hikhik

Goss girls... :D

Menu Open Room.
Serious sedap!!
Tambah DUA kali tw...hehe
Amacam? Besar tak ruang dlm perut saya?

Saya nampak awak!

Bermaaf-maafan di bulan yang mulia walaupun ekspresi muka masing2 overrrr...hehe
Pose gambar ni plan nk bergelak ketawa smbil bersalam-salaman.
Jadi tak jadi tak?
Cakapla jadi...hee

OK, tu je la gambar Open Room kitorg..
Gambar tengah makan tak snap sebab masing2 pentingkan perut..hehe

TATA! :)

Me and driving classes.

Assalamualaikum and hi and good day.

This weekend, two days straight, been forgetting my cozy pillows and bed and teddy,
woke up early to go for driving classes.
Yeah! M on driving classes!

After an almost two months with no practice,
God knows what happened if you get back holding the steering.
Forgot everything for the sake of the more important fasting month and Raya celebration,
came back to the driving institute like someone who never touched a steering before.

managed to recall everything today.
Plus point, drove the car in the real road today!
Like seriously nervous since not that familiar with all the things in the car,
but Thanks God everything went well.
Learnt parking as well.

Got to memorize everything before next weekend!
Wanna get my driving license before this year ends.
Mum, wait for the license. <3

hak milik kekal dan terpelihara nurfarah wahidah.