04 October 2011

To: Miss Nur Afifah (is someone reading this other than you? :P)

Vegetables are delicious and wonderful.
(Miss Ratha, 2011)

They are not horrible.
They are not threatening, in fact.
So what say you?
Still go for the only salad?
You decide. :P


edz said...

salam! do u expect someone else to read this post, of cos le its a public post.. LoL! The title so familiar to me so i just wanna comment. haha! Why u don force her to eat vege?? sumbat je mulut idung die dengan sayur, wahaha!

nurfarah wahidah said...

haha, m referring to the someone that did quite similar entry as mine, also to fifah. wondering who is that someone. :P

i DID force her, but she's beyond stubborn. LOL
gtw fifah! bluekk!

hak milik kekal dan terpelihara nurfarah wahidah.