02 October 2011

Me and driving classes.

Assalamualaikum and hi and good day.

This weekend, two days straight, been forgetting my cozy pillows and bed and teddy,
woke up early to go for driving classes.
Yeah! M on driving classes!

After an almost two months with no practice,
God knows what happened if you get back holding the steering.
Forgot everything for the sake of the more important fasting month and Raya celebration,
came back to the driving institute like someone who never touched a steering before.

managed to recall everything today.
Plus point, drove the car in the real road today!
Like seriously nervous since not that familiar with all the things in the car,
but Thanks God everything went well.
Learnt parking as well.

Got to memorize everything before next weekend!
Wanna get my driving license before this year ends.
Mum, wait for the license. <3


sizuka[Izzati] said...

ambik lesen dkt jb ke?akak amek dkt jb dlu :P

nurfarah wahidah said...

kak zati: yup2! tgah blaja ni...tp sgt takut...huuu

akak amik kat yg kat stadium larkin tu ke?

sizuka[Izzati] said...

akak amek dgn pakcik yg tepi cenderawaseh tu.ngehehe~

nurfarah wahidah said...

kak zati: oh...kita amik ngn encik kat stadium larkin tu...ngn kwn kita sekali..hee

hak milik kekal dan terpelihara nurfarah wahidah.