24 January 2011

The Day When Chen-ta Publicized Her Blog ♥

Salam and 안녕!

This is a very special entry for my and only kula, Ira Natasha! ♥

She has officially publicized her blog to any readers!

Seems like my patience to wait for her to publicize her blog has come to an end. hee

Kumawo Ira! ♥

My dearie kula with her blog,

(click to go to her blog right away)

has finally made a debut (HAHA)
after her fans months waiting.
Seemed like this cute and everyone-await blogger is finally ready to announce her one-sided relationship with one of Super Junior's hot and charming members, Lee Dong Hae to the public when she made her first public entry especially about him.
She is probably having quite a tensed situation with Dong Hae's fans because of her sudden announcement.

I've successfully become her first follower since nobody knows about her public blog yet.
Hip Hip Hooray!!
Putting her loved one as the topmost photo in the sidebar,
will surely make visitors feel captivated with her cuteness.hee
One main and important thing that I want to request,
please put  a Shoutbox in your blog so that visitors will find it easier to leave their tracks if they ever visit yours.
Ok Ira?

Final words,
Welcome to the Public Blogosphere cik kula!
Let's visit her and don't forget to leave your tracks fellow bloggers!

p/s: we're an everlasting bridge. ♥



dhiera said...

sekarang jugk saya terjah~

farah booboo said...

dhiera: thanks! :)

TunTeja said...

yeahhh...nak visit!

farah booboo said...

kak dya: yeah2! thanks! :)

hak milik kekal dan terpelihara nurfarah wahidah.