24 March 2010

mock o mock.

salam and hi...

huuu...seems like a big rock is put once again on me .
mock exam.
and maybe tomorrow...
the lecturers were all commenting on how our performance were in mock exam.
in all papers.

when madam johana said that our grammar were atrocious...
bang! a shoot on my head.huu
when miss nenny came in after that and mentioned that we did very badly..
another shoot on my head..
oh my god!

high body temperature and dizziness suddenly attack my body.

these make me feel more and more tensed waiting for the result..
two things that i hate regarding exam.
waiting before and after the exam.
before: waiting and counting the days to sit for exam.
after: waiting for the result to come out.

hope that i can do better, the best in my upcoming final exam.
hope that the rest can do it very well too..
hope that the best result is ours in this mock exam.

pray for the best.
that's the only thing that i can do.

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