15 April 2010



okay, three days of exhaustion, fun, challenge, embarassment, anger, knowledge and experiences-filled.....all gathered in one.

ENGLISH LANGUAGE CAMP....ended yesterday and there were so much memories to stay deep inside my heart.

that three days were all about exhaustion. we were running all over the campus for the activities; orienteering and info hunt.

a word that described all activities carried out throughout the tesl camp... all were worth to be involved in. puppet-making, puppet show, skits, info hunt, orienteering..all!
school visit was so really fun and enjoyable! i met my lil' sis there..=)

huuu....challenging part where we were carrying out the all-the-way-running activities. orienteering, running under hot sun was really something plus with exhaustion. info hunt, another all-the-way-running activity, demanded high level of stamina and patience of mine huh. unfortunately, i was pissed off.

this was the stupidest part of mine of all the activities carried out.
i dreaded public speaking and when it came to impromptu speech, i said nothing. very little. that was very GOOD of you wahidah. do it again ok? i "like" you did that in front of many people. I LIKE! you repeated what you had done before in class. VERY GOOD! repeat it again ok???

hurmm.....the reason why was i pissed off.....the info hunt. my group was the second first to arrive at the third checkpoint and we ended up going to the fourth checkpoint as the second last!! i was totally pissed off with the wrongdoing of some people whom carelessly and irresponsiblely took our clue. we supposed to take the clue with the same picture as our first clue, NOT TAKING OTHERS' OR TAKING OTHER PICTURES! huh.

yes, i got a lot, too much of knowledge and experiences during the three-day tesl camp. how to make puppets from various materials, team work, preparing skits, being MC, and scool-visiting! i like school visit!!!very2 much!! being with the students, interact with them,,,that were really something. memories that can't be forgotten forever. i hope so. =)

if you happy and you know you cha cha cha, CHA CHA CHA!!

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