23 March 2010

today is tuesday.

salam and hi...

fuh....what a relief....at last we, TESL 2 were able to carried out our dearest UKJK..
what everyone were waiting for before...2.4km. yeah!
i "like"!

congrats to the "lipas kudungs" of our class,,
hafiz the extremely small and ira , ms killer smile..hikhik
congrats to everyone because we all managed to finished all the 6 rounds...

2.4 one more time?
no thanks.

my body is aching all over..
luckily no works for tomorrow...
get enough rest tonight for the preparation of tomorrow's exhausting routines.huu

p/s: afraid. really afraid waiting for the result of mock exam.

hope that the best result is everyone's .:)
go go aja!

=========> please.................................i need freedom. freedom from all the gossips. so many things to be done before i can really think of those things.
let God decide who my life partner is.

now. is the time for me to make many friends as possible.
know many people with different characteristics.
i am looking forward for friends.
that's all for the time being.

please understand. thanks.:)

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