14 January 2012

Get M.A.R.R.I.E.D (?)

"Us? Getting married? You have got to be kidding me. Why so sudden, after all?"
"But, everyone here does that . And I do feel lonely, deprieved and I need you. The Islamic society here supports early marriages, as to prevent social problems among students, and they even funded it. I have been waiting for ages."
"Honey, chill up. People do not get married just like that. There are tons of problems awaiting, conflicts and stigmas to go through.
It always seems that the chances of we getting married, now, is near to nil. Getting married , here, is harder than doing any sin. Think about it, honey.
We are studying after all , and, ugh, I cannot get it.
I am too busy after all, doing everything from course works, internship, tutor classes, clubs, things that reach infinity. I merely have time for myself, now. Why cannot it be later? After graduation, perhaps?"
"T_T Crying."
"What? Wait, do not cry, my love. I really do not mean that. Deep in my heart, I want to marry you, I promised that since ages, but, why now? I do not see the neccessity for the issue to be brought up at this time.
Look. I am studying economics, and so, here I present to you a cost-benefit analysis of getting married. Firstly, the externalities that I found are rather terrifying, and this is a total nightmare. Let me explain the negative ones first, so be patient and understanding.
The main issue is about consent. Consent, to be married, is an horror today, it is an unavoidable bad luck. Your folks will bring up lame stories of failed marriages among teenagers, lack of responsibility among us, and our preparations. Prepare to understand that our parents still consider us as toddlers, if you want to know, because they love us too much. They will opt for us to continue studying, as marriage is considered a distraction, and our marriage can tarnish their names.
The second issue is about our age. Me myself sees marriage as a chance to increase productivity, through the increase of human capital, and of course, better specialisation in daily chores. You will make my life better organized by three hundred percent. That is a fact. But others-all people, ceteris paribus- consider marriage at this age as a disaster.
It will halt the process of education, although that is mainly an assumption, statistics prove the opposite. Young married people, they will say, cannot participate in societies and leadership activites compared to singles. Heck, we will do everything together, will not we? Furthermore, marriage at this age is controversial- people are born with stigmas. Rumours will spread that we married because I made you pregnant, ugh, that is the nature of people, although the rationality is none. That is just a single example.
As we can see, the issue of the age matters about maturity. Although we see ourselves as matured enough, others do not. We are raging children with overdosed adrenaline and spirits. They assume that if we do marry, it will end quickly, as this 'puppy love' is temporary and volatile. All these are people's assumptions that we cannot afford to ignore, as we are living in a community, we are not Tarzan and Jane in the jungle of Amazon.
The third issue is the monetary cost. Let me divide cost into two, premarriage cost and post-marriage cost. Premarriage costs include costs during engagement, planning and the wedding ceremony. All three events involves transportation cost of family members involved. Engagement requires an engagement ring, a ceremony, which involves cost for food at the day.
Planning is a process before the wedding, while the wedding itself, this and that, amounting to a total cost of RM 30000, and that is just basic. I have not considered if the marriage is made at a grand scale, or do you prefer a a budget wedding, just the wedding 'uniform', and some food?
The post-marriage costs involves all possible issues that rise while building a family. You do not even want to think about that, trust me. And as a student, I do not see any possible way to find that amount of money in such a single time, unless you consider robbing a bank, or an afternoon with the loansharks. Yes, it sucks to be a pessimist.
Yeah, there are extremely good benefits of this early marriage thing, but, if the side effects are far greater, how do we decide then? Let us be patient and considerate. Then, what about assimilation? We need to adapt ourselves, if we do marry, to the external surroundings, and to our own selves, and yet we are still students. What if the time is not enough for us to keep this marriage even look as a marriage?
Other issues may rise, such as family planning-birth control, stress management and various other perspectives.
We can go as far as saying that if we marry, we can produce more, and contribute more to the society, and to Islam as a whole, but how much of that rhetoric is true? The main reason, you think, is to protect ourselves from hedonism, social problems, etcetera, etcetera. But heck, please, that is not the main objective of a marriage. It is such a sick marriage, if it is motivated by that sole purpose alone. Cannot we get hold of ourselves? We are good Muslims, are not we?
A marriage should be based on family, happiness, and it must be planned thoroughly. Wait, what is that bright light over there? Please, who is that? Stop pointing light at people, you."
...An eternity later.
"Assalamualaikum! We are from the Islamic Department of Seremban. What are you two doing here, alone, in the dark?"
"Erkuhmem, this is my sister. No, erm, we are getting married anyway. We did nothing, um, really."
"Please follow us, the two of you. Get into the car."
-What is the sign of a serious man on your relationship? He will put efforts to marry you. Fast.-


1) Ceteris paribus=with other things the same

3 Most Anticipated Dramas in 2012

“Full House 2” tells the story of a contract engagement between poor writer Jang Man Ok (Hwang Jung 

Eum) and top star Lee Tae Ik (No Min Woo.) In the series, Yoo Seol Ah plays an actress who used to be 

in a romantic relationship with Lee Tae Ik. The character is implied to be very ambitious, as she had 

supposedly starred in an American drama and had left Lee Tae Ik to further her career when his family had 

gone bankrupt.

Jang Geun Suk plays the dual role of a handsome ’70s art student named ‘Seo In Ha’, and his son in the 
year 2012, a free-spirited photographer  named ‘Seo Jun’. YoonA, on the other hand, also has a dual role playing the innocent ’70s campus goddess ‘Kim Yoon Hee’, as well as her daughter in 2012, ‘Hana’. Seo 
In Ha and Kim Yoon Hee fall in love in college in the 1970s but unfortunately their love was fated to never 
be. Their children, Seo Jun and Hana meet by fate and they also fall in love. Will history repeat itself or will 
Seo Jun and Hana go down a different path?

Actress Kang Sora, SISTAR‘s Hyorin, T-ara‘s Jiyeon, and 2AM‘s Jung Jinwoon have all confirmed that 
they’ll be taking part in the sequel series to the popular teenage drama.
On December 6th, the producers of ‘Dream High 2′ and CJ Media announced that Kang Sora would be 
taking on the role of ‘Shin Hye Sung‘,  an awkward and somewhat weird idol aspirant who learned music 
solely through effort.

Kang Sora, who plans on showcasing her strong acting abilities through this new role, commented, “I’ve 
only acted until now, so having to  perform on stage as well is honestly a burden. However, I’m both nervous and excited because this will be a new challenge for me.”

Hyorin will play the role of ‘Nana‘, a student with amazing talent and natural abilities. Hyorin mused, ”Nana 
has a broad-minded personality that is similar to mine, so I have an attraction towards her character. I’m looking forward to it.”

Jiyeon will play the role of ‘Lian‘, a member of the popular girl group, Hush, who aspires to one day be the 
“Queen of the Cannes Film Festival”, but lacks the acting ability to do so. Jiyeon revealed, “I’m receiving a 
lot of pointers from Eunjung, who participated in the first  season. I already have a warm blanket prepared 
to withstand the cold at Kirin High School.”

Lastly, Jung Jinwoon has plans to showcase his cute charms through his role of ‘Jin Yoo Jin‘, a bragging 
troublemaker who aspires to be a  rockstar. He stated, “I felt an attraction to the role of Jin Yoo Jin as soon 
as I read the script. I like the character more because of the fact  that he likes rock, just like me. I will try my 
best to bring out the character’s charm.”

13 January 2012

Should I congratulate you?

Jangan Izinkan aku Jatuh Cinta Andai Masanya Belum Tiba

Ya Allah,
Andai masanya belum tiba,
Jangan izinkan aku untuk jatuh cinta,
Aku memohon agar Kau tunjukkan jalan,
Agar Kau tunjukkan aku tuntutun yang perlu aku lakukan,
Jauhkanlah aku daripada kemaksiatan,
Jauhkanlah aku daripada perkara yang tidak dapat memberi manfaat,
Dan jauhkan aku daripada perkara yang Engkau murkai,
Agar aku dapat menjaga diri.

Ya Allah,
Jika aku jatuh cinta,
Izinkanlah aku menyentuh hati seseorang yang hatinya tertaut pada-Mu,
Jadikanlah aku yang mencintainya kerana agama yang ada padanya,
Jika dia hilangkan agama yang ada dalam dirinya,
Maka hilanglah cintaku padanya,
Sesungguhnya, cinta yang suci itu tidak buta.

Ya Allah,
Dan jika dia mencintai aku,
Biarkanlah dia mencintai aku kerana agama itu juga,
Asalkan dia tidak lebihkan cinta kepadaku melebihi cinta kepadaMu,
Supaya cinta itu bersemi di lembayung keredhaan-Mu,
Kerna dari situ lahirlah rahmah dan mawaddah dalam rumahtangga.

Ya Allah,
Jika ini bukan masanya,
Jika ini belum saatnya,
Dan jika Kau tahu kami belum bersedia,
Selamatkan kami,
Jarakkan kami,
Pisahkan kami,
Agar kami jauh dari khilaf yang merosak izzah dan iffah,
Agar kami tak mengundang murka-MU,
Agar kami dapat lebih menjaga hati,
Agar hati menjadi yang diredhai ilahi.

Ya Allah,
Andai dia bukan untuk ku,
Andai dia bukan jodohku,
Maka berilah ganti yang lebih baik buatnya,
Berikanlah dia insan yang benar benar terbaik buat kehidupannya,
Insan yang benar-benar mampu memimpinnya ke syurga-Mu,
Dan bantulah aku untuk memperbaiki diriku,
Agar aku kukuh dalam mencari cinta-Mu.


11 January 2012

Mintak dijauhkan benda benda yang lagi buruk daripada apa yang aku nampak tadi.
Beringat ingatlah..

p/s: peringatan untuk diri kau juga, yang menulis.

09 January 2012

Have you read one of David Nicholls' novels?
Precisely the one entitled "ONE DAY"?

I got that book from my two besties as my birthday present.
Thanks lots guys! <3

Ok, just finished reading the book.
A sad one. Not very sad I would say.
Perhaps The Last Song is even sadder. 
Something that I learnt,
this book views the concept of friendship from different perspectives.
Some of the quotes below;

"No, friends were like clothes: fine while they lasted but eventually
they wore thin or you grew out of them."

"Their friendship was like a wilted bunch of flowers
that she insisted on topping up with water.
Why not let it die instead?
It was unrealistic to expect friendship to last forever."

This side of friendship that is being discussed throughout the story seems
to be contrarily different with what that we always feel, expect and know.

Apart from different versions of friendship quotes,
 there are also some interesting others.
Here you go.

"Don't keep fighting battles that are already lost."

"Envy was just the tax you paid on success."

"You can live your whole life not knowing that what you are looking for is right in front of you."

"These days grief seems like walking on a frozen river, most of the time he feels safe enough,
but there's always danger that he will plunge through.
Now he hears the ice creak beneath him,
and so intense and panicking is the sensation that he has to stand for a moment,
press his hands to his face and catch his breath."


07 January 2012

Put the best effort for your musculoskeletal system paper weh.
Good luck!

06 January 2012

Assalamualaikum and hi!

Been away for quite some time from writing anything in this blog because of the laziness overflowed. hee
Spent over-a-month-holiday doing sooo many memorable things.
Visiting relatives took almost 2 weeks of the holidays.
From BP to Shah Alam to Malacca to JB back to BP refreshing and relaxing mind and soul, gathering strength and tranquility, preparing for the even more challenging and tougher days ahead.
Indeed, the best moment you can ever have is to be with FAMILY.
Albeit that you have no friends to coax whenever you are in grief, 
family will surely be there,
right next to you.
Regrets and guilt come together when you are not able to keep the most valuable asset in your life,
so, treasure it while you are still able to do so.
Am really grateful for having great family members who know how to vent anger whenever I ever do wrong,
who know how to smile whenever I am happy,
who know how to cry with me whenever I am in despair,
who are able to share everything with me whole-heartedly.

Mytwin's engagement took place as the second biggest occasion during the holiday.
Simply couldn't imagine that one of my best friends is now one step closer to a much more mature phase in life, marriage.
Pink is the theme of the engagement day.
Our other mates weren't able to come but her best friend in college and I managed to be there with her, at least to together with her sharing one of the happiest moments in her life. :)

Meeting some of my ex-schoolmates during the wedding of my friend's sister.
Over a year and many things change.
Each and everyone of us have grown to another phase in our life, reaching the path to fulfill our ambition.
Something that hasn't changed,
we never forget how to laugh and smile  happily like the old days. :)

My little brother's first formal photo

My youngest sibling, an ever-naughty-and-mischievous little boy is now turning 5.
Well, not officially 5 yet, he's still my 4-year-old little brother.
He's going to school this year and he's been excited all along, wondering what will he go through during his school days.
Everyday he is getting excited with his new pair of shoes, his new bag, his colour pencils and all.
We keep on reminding him not to cry a river at school.
And his first day finally arrived.
My mother sent him to school and left him there right away.
Fortunately he didn't cry when my mother left.
However, he cried when the first day at school was almost over because his other friends were crying.
I called him asking why did he cry and he said that " Habis, air mata dah nak keluar....."
That was a real funny answer uttered from the mouth of a 4-turning-5-year-old boy.
I asked him not to cry the next days and he was like,
"Hmm.." answering while nodding without realizing that he was on the phone and not in front of me.

Today, I called my mother and asked her whether my little brother cried again.
She said that yesterday he did cry but only for a while.
And today, when my mother came to pick him up, he was already waiting in front of the gate,
excitedly wanting to tell my mother that,
"Hari ni kita tak nangis!"
How cute he is, as always.
Been hoping that for the days ahead, he will not cry and will enjoy his days at school.


hak milik kekal dan terpelihara nurfarah wahidah.