06 January 2012

Assalamualaikum and hi!

Been away for quite some time from writing anything in this blog because of the laziness overflowed. hee
Spent over-a-month-holiday doing sooo many memorable things.
Visiting relatives took almost 2 weeks of the holidays.
From BP to Shah Alam to Malacca to JB back to BP refreshing and relaxing mind and soul, gathering strength and tranquility, preparing for the even more challenging and tougher days ahead.
Indeed, the best moment you can ever have is to be with FAMILY.
Albeit that you have no friends to coax whenever you are in grief, 
family will surely be there,
right next to you.
Regrets and guilt come together when you are not able to keep the most valuable asset in your life,
so, treasure it while you are still able to do so.
Am really grateful for having great family members who know how to vent anger whenever I ever do wrong,
who know how to smile whenever I am happy,
who know how to cry with me whenever I am in despair,
who are able to share everything with me whole-heartedly.

Mytwin's engagement took place as the second biggest occasion during the holiday.
Simply couldn't imagine that one of my best friends is now one step closer to a much more mature phase in life, marriage.
Pink is the theme of the engagement day.
Our other mates weren't able to come but her best friend in college and I managed to be there with her, at least to together with her sharing one of the happiest moments in her life. :)

Meeting some of my ex-schoolmates during the wedding of my friend's sister.
Over a year and many things change.
Each and everyone of us have grown to another phase in our life, reaching the path to fulfill our ambition.
Something that hasn't changed,
we never forget how to laugh and smile  happily like the old days. :)

My little brother's first formal photo

My youngest sibling, an ever-naughty-and-mischievous little boy is now turning 5.
Well, not officially 5 yet, he's still my 4-year-old little brother.
He's going to school this year and he's been excited all along, wondering what will he go through during his school days.
Everyday he is getting excited with his new pair of shoes, his new bag, his colour pencils and all.
We keep on reminding him not to cry a river at school.
And his first day finally arrived.
My mother sent him to school and left him there right away.
Fortunately he didn't cry when my mother left.
However, he cried when the first day at school was almost over because his other friends were crying.
I called him asking why did he cry and he said that " Habis, air mata dah nak keluar....."
That was a real funny answer uttered from the mouth of a 4-turning-5-year-old boy.
I asked him not to cry the next days and he was like,
"Hmm.." answering while nodding without realizing that he was on the phone and not in front of me.

Today, I called my mother and asked her whether my little brother cried again.
She said that yesterday he did cry but only for a while.
And today, when my mother came to pick him up, he was already waiting in front of the gate,
excitedly wanting to tell my mother that,
"Hari ni kita tak nangis!"
How cute he is, as always.
Been hoping that for the days ahead, he will not cry and will enjoy his days at school.



TunTeja said...

lepas ni turn awak pulak! :D

nurfarah wahidah said...

hehehe, lama lagi...akak dulu... :)

PIA said...

kiki serious comel! :)

nurfarah wahidah said...

adik aku mestilah comel mcm aku..hahaha

cikpuanmudanurul said...

thank you for coming on my big day! wedd nt mst dtg jgk! ily

nurfarah wahidah said...

pleasure mytwin! insyaAllah! will surely make time for your wed! ily too :)

hak milik kekal dan terpelihara nurfarah wahidah.