09 January 2012

Have you read one of David Nicholls' novels?
Precisely the one entitled "ONE DAY"?

I got that book from my two besties as my birthday present.
Thanks lots guys! <3

Ok, just finished reading the book.
A sad one. Not very sad I would say.
Perhaps The Last Song is even sadder. 
Something that I learnt,
this book views the concept of friendship from different perspectives.
Some of the quotes below;

"No, friends were like clothes: fine while they lasted but eventually
they wore thin or you grew out of them."

"Their friendship was like a wilted bunch of flowers
that she insisted on topping up with water.
Why not let it die instead?
It was unrealistic to expect friendship to last forever."

This side of friendship that is being discussed throughout the story seems
to be contrarily different with what that we always feel, expect and know.

Apart from different versions of friendship quotes,
 there are also some interesting others.
Here you go.

"Don't keep fighting battles that are already lost."

"Envy was just the tax you paid on success."

"You can live your whole life not knowing that what you are looking for is right in front of you."

"These days grief seems like walking on a frozen river, most of the time he feels safe enough,
but there's always danger that he will plunge through.
Now he hears the ice creak beneath him,
and so intense and panicking is the sensation that he has to stand for a moment,
press his hands to his face and catch his breath."



EiY-Ra said...

at last, abis jugak bce novel 2 an..huhu
nway, u're most welcome^^

nurfarah wahidah said...

hehehe, tu la....hbs gak akhirnya...

hak milik kekal dan terpelihara nurfarah wahidah.