06 May 2011

Home Story: Sweet and Sour

Salam and 안녕!

I went back home last week!
Yeah I know that last two weeks I already went back home but who cares?
My home, my right.

This time short holiday would be quite longer since Monday is holiday in reference to the Worker's Day and I only had class on Tuesday afternoon.
So, I decided to go back on Tuesday morning.

1.30 pm, I got on the bus to go back to Batu Pahat.
Right after I reached my hometown, I straight away went to but the ticket to go back to JB.
I chose to to go back on Tuesday, 900 am.
I bought the ticket earlier since I was sure that many people would want to go back and with the worries that tickets might sold out.

I was having a great time at home.
Seriously, being at home, you escape from those nonsense and stress and headaches and eyesore and whatsoever.
Playing with my little brother, helped my mother cooked, watching my favourite television shows and everything made me forget things that are simply stubborn enough to get lost from my mind.

Things went as planned/ imagined when suddenly my bestie texted me.
She wanted confirmation on when our test would be held.
I confidently said Wednesday since my friend told me earlier that the test was on Wednesday.
She asked if it was true since in the Facebook, it was written Tuesday.
I wasn't sure since I didn't check my account that day.
I tried to ask my friends for confirmation and most of them didn't give me a quick reply.

One of my friends replied and she said that it was confirmed that the test was going to be on Tuesday morning and at that time she was on the bus, going back to JB. She was looking for ticket to go back that evening and the ticket on Monday was sold out. She had to go back that night or else she won't be able to sit for the test.

I was worried as well since my ticket was on Wednesday morning and I have to buy new ticket to go back on Monday which was the next day.

The next day, I went to the market with all my family members and went to the ticket counter first, asking for any ticket available that day.
By hook or by crook, I have to go back on that very day.
To my disappointment, tickets were all sold out.
I felt like crying at that time and tried searching at other ticket counters but to no avail.
I called my mother and told her that tickets were all sold out.

She said that after Zuhur prayer we would go to Ayer Hitam bus stand and I would ride on the usual bus, not the express one.
My plan for that day was all ruined because of the sudden change.
Everything that I want to buy was forgotten just like that.

Right after Zuhur prayer, we went to Ayer Hitam bus stand and thanks to God that once I reached there,
a bus on its way to Larkin was about to depart.
I quickly got on the bus after bidding farewell to my mother and kissed her hand and cheeks.
I paid for the ticket and searched for a place to sit.

The journey back was longer than ordinary ones, taking extra one hour from my usual duration.
I've got headache since the bus stopped many times to get the passenger on the bus.
Once I reached the terminal, I quickly called my friend since she is keeping my room key.
To my surprise, she was outside and her roommate has not gone back yet.

I had to wait for half an hour before I could enter my room, bearing the headache and tiredness.
I performed my Asar prayer and rested for a while before I went to take a bath.
I spent the night to do revision for the next day's test and went to sleep when my eyes could no longer bear the drowsiness.

And that is how the day ended.

Till then. :)

p/s: my phone went crazy for the second time. grrrrrrr

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