06 May 2011

Cross Country

Salam and 안녕!

It has been quite sometime since an entry has been written here.
So many things happened,
loads of things to work on,
and lots of time to be spent on something else.
For sure, there are lots to be told.

The first one will be the cross country held last two weeks here in my institute.
Cross country = running  man = fatigue + hot
Yeah. The cross country was held in the mid of the day when the sun is shining the brightest, bringing sweat and tense plus anger, perhaps.
It was supposed to be held in the morning where the air is still fresh but was last minute postponed due to unknown reason.

The scorching heat was no joke that I felt like not going out. The weather was especially hot that day and to my fault, I didn't bring any water to drink.
The competition started.
My friends and I ran and ran and ran and suddenly we separated.
I was in front and was getting tired as I ran, decided to walk.
Suddenly a person came from the back and tapped my shoulder.
I was startled since it was quite hard.
Looking to the right, it was my junior.
I was confused why did she do that and she gave the similar look with some startled expression.
She quickly said sorry sorry to me since she mistook me with her friend.
We walked together for some time and we started running.
Within a few meters, she stopped.
I felt uneasy so I stopped and started walking again.

I was about to faint when a sister passed by and helped me.
I asked for water and to my fortunate, a junior passed by and I drank some water of hers.
I really felt like I couldn't stand and two seniors on the motorcycle came. They asked the sister to bring me to the nearby place for me to sit.
I was asked to take a deep breath for few times.
Not too long after I sat there, a junior also fainted but her situation was far more worse than me.
She kept on vomiting, probably because of the empty stomach.
I calmed myself down and continuously taking deep breaths.

Two seniors with a car passed by and I was asked to get on the car to go back to the institute together with junior.
Feeling quite okay, I refused and wore my shoes.
The sister with car asked me if I was really okay and asked me not to force myself.
I convinced her and I am okay and said thank to her before I continued walking.
My other friends had far left me.
One of the seniors in charge of patrolling the competition track showed me the number two sign and asked if I  recognized it. LOL. A definite yes.

I continued my walk and at the end, I managed to reach the ending point.
That was my first time ever being in that situation- almost fainted, dehydrated.
I guessed the weather and the losing stamina are the greatest contributors to that.

The moral of the story is,
keep fit and organize the cross country in the morning where the body and the air is still fresh.

Till then. :)

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