01 January 2011

Random 25

Credits to ain  for tagging. :)

Once you have been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts or goals about you. In the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tags you. If I tag you, it's because I want to know you more.

1.    Is sooooooo in love with blue colour, turquoise in particular. :)

2.    Loves only one ice cream flavour, VANILLA. Her blog is inspired by her craziness over 
vanilla-flavoured ice cream. Vanilla is always the best! :)

3.    An active Korean entertainment world goer. Countless number of Korean dramas, songs, 
entertainers, and interesting places are her all-time favourite. :)

4.     One of the biggest fans of Rain a.k.a Bi a.k.a Jung Ji Hoon since school time. :)

5.    She tends to keep everything inside regardless of how hard she is going through it.

6.    Loves to read any reading materials, preferably novels with catchy theme and storyline plus they 
come with moral values and lessons to be implied in her life. Attracted to Cecelia Ahern’s way of writing 
since she bought the novel, P/S I Love You. :)

7.    She finds it is much easier to forgive than to forget. That is why she will get certain things that she 
wants to forget, back in her mind.

8.    Dreaming of being the owner of a bookstore with a blue and white theme plus a cafe for her 
customers to sit and sip a cup of tea while reading any sort of reading materials. :)

9.    She goes for black forest cakes. Yummy! :)

10. If ever she got the chance to travel overseas, she will definitely choose Korea as the first overseas 
      country to be visited. Target areas: Jeju Island, Namdaemun Market, Nami Island, Korea Cultural Village and Full House in Incheon (if it still exists at that point of time). :)

11. She just cannot tolerate with liars and sweet-words talker. You better not lie to me ‘cos I know 
whether or not you are telling the truth, unfortunately. It is sickening to know that people are lying
 yet they still act like nothing happen.

12.  Her favourite flower is calla lily which she got to know from the drama, Summer Scent. Calla lilies 
are just adorable and pure. :)

13.  Always dreaming that she will be higher and lighter. :p

14. She really loves to smile ‘cos to her, giving out smiles to others will probably make her day and that
particular person’s. :)

15. A sensitive girl, loves to cry a river if ever someone teases her back then. Now, she can hold back 
her tears better. :)

16. Her biggest flaw, tends to have memory loss about things that happen around the people near her.

17. She is really stern towards her sister and brothers despite her “soft appearance” (that is what THEY
 say, not she says).

18. She has smaller fist compared to her F4 besties albeit that she is the highest among them and often gets 
teased because of that.

19. Cannot take if ever people borrow her stuffs ESPECIALLY books and make something bad on them. 
Her books are her most valuable treasure.

20. Finds it really difficult to say sorry every time she did wrong to her mother. She will do something to 
show that she is apologizing.

21. Have little courage to communicate in public, preferably with the unknown. She is gradually developing 
her self-esteem.

22. Always dreaming that someone is going to give her a big bouquet of calla lilies or blue roses. J

23. Loves to make a “V” sign with her fingers especially when she meets anyone that she knows or when 
she snaps photos. Peace! J

24. She hopes that her life and her family’s and her friends’ will be blessed with happiness, tranquillity and 
success until that final day.

25. She is absolutely terrified with spiders. Seeing only a spider makes her anxious and scared.  

extra 26. DIA gayat. jangan nak acah2 tolak dia dari tingkat atas ye. dia nangis saya tak tahu.

I am going to tag, YOU! :)



TunTeja said...

hehehe..nak kene buat ke ni :p

farah booboo said...

kak dya: HAHAHA, MESTIIIII!!! :)

hak milik kekal dan terpelihara nurfarah wahidah.