21 January 2011

The Last Song, Tautan Hati, You're The One That I Don't Want, Shiver

Salam and 안녕!

Just finished reading two novels this week and is now working on the third one. The Last Song (TLS) by Nicholas Sparks is simply and amazing + fabulous + enjoyable + humorous + touching story, all in one. Nicholas Sparks has done an amazingly great job in producing his piece of mind on the reality of the people. How will you feel, as a daughter who has for years putting the blame solely on her father albeit he is not the party of guilt? And what's worse, the blame is to be shouldered by someone who is always near to her, the one that she thinks IS the victim for the divorce. And to make the conflict even crazy, the innocent party is now suffering from a fatal disease and cannot hold on the world any longer. Because of the hatred that she holds towards her innocent father, she is no longer willing to play the piano for her father is the one who supports her to be a talented pianist. Spending the whole summer with someone that you hate is supposed to be a hell-like one. And, knowing a gentle tall, dark and handsome guy who is also a volleyball player seems to give something to go for within the whole one month. When belated regrets and apologies overwhelming, all that she can do is to accept things as they are and to present her father the last song before the day he really rest in peace.

One nice quote:

- Though he smiled, the words came out wounded. huu
A definite true to someone with the situation where he still needs to take care of other's feeling even though he himself is hurt.

Next is Tautan Hati by the well-known Malaysian novelist, Fatimah Syarha Mohd. Noordin. The very first kak dibbies gave me this novel, I was like "Tebal gile!!" It was unimaginably thick and wordy. I wondered how and when would I finish reading it. And finally, above all circumstances, I did it.  This unique piece of Fatimah Syarha is circling around the way of Islam, the right path to The Almighty. Asiah Yusra, the main character in the novel is a very religious and pious girl, who never gets tired of inviting her friends to the right path through the meetings that are called "halaqah" or "usrah". Tautan Hati also relates the issues of faith confusion, mental sickness, love between animals and man, as well as problematic family relationships. What is taught in this novel, which is actually undeniably the right way in Islam relating the man and woman relationship is clearly elaborated here. Asiah Yusra who has feeling towards Umar, just doesn't want their relationship to be the one that is not willed by Allah. So, she keeps on ignoring the signs and hints from him for the sake of both of them. At last, they are still together, happy and blessed with Allah's love.

Some of the nice quotations:

- .....Tidak bermakna,
        Cinta kepada dia,
        Jika membelakangkan DIA.

- "Yusra tidak mahu menyerahkan hati 100% kerana Allah mungkin menjanjikan insan yang lebih baik berbanding dia. Yusra juga tak mahu menolak mentah-mentah, 100% kerana mungkin dialah insan terpilih tu. Pilihan Yusra berada di tengah dengan harapan untuk terpelihara daripada kekecewaan."

I am now struggling (not really struggling, enjoying is much better word to fit my feeling while reading it) to finish this third novel that I just recently bought. You're The One That I Don't Want by Alexandra Potter sure is something. I feel ease once I started reading it. The way she writes is captivating and there are piles of humorous words and lines between the paragraphs that make me feel eager to read more and more. Wait till I finish reading it. This is sure going to be a great piece that I've ever read. :)

Coming soon, Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater to be read!



insyirah said...

x aci!! dah bc buku 2 dl..sob2

farah booboo said...

kak zai: hikhik.....nanti kita bg kak zai pinjam nak?
sure menarik untuk dibaca! best tw!

hak milik kekal dan terpelihara nurfarah wahidah.