03 December 2010


introduces you to happiness
circles you with love
showers you with blessings

injects you with guilt
veils you with pain
locks you with tears

leads you with courage
blends you with strength
covers you with justice

defeats you with sadness
win you over sorrow
destroys you with nightmares

rebuilds you with hopes
redraws you with future
recolours you with dreams

begins with tears
ends with tears.
it's just the matter of who shed the tears.

life is never an easy path,
and life must not be forgotten to keep on circling like a wheel.
never satisfy with what you now have,
with what you now gain,
'cos you may some time in the future
fall to the lowest position ever.

never give up on everything that you have lost,
nor on anything that you aren't able to reach,
'cos some day in the future
you may experience all the happiness and loves
ever felt by a human being.

never brag your possession,
never drag your emotion.
'cos life is simply unpredictable.

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