07 December 2010

ABC: Another Brain-Churning

instruction: fill out these questions and make a new note called
ABC about you, then tag 25 people, if you got tagged by me,
you have to take the survey and repost it..!!!

A. AVAILABLE = yeah2.
B. BIRTHDAY = 26/07/1991
C. CRUSHING ON = hekhek. just so you know. up up and up.......:p
D. DRINK YOU HAD LAST = this morning?my mum's for pre-dawn meal.
E. EASIEST PERSON TO TALK = i have everyone around me. unfortunately, i find myself hard to talk to them.
F. FAVOURITE SONG AT THE MOMENT = u smile by justin bieber. :)
H. HOMETOWN = batu pahat, johor, malaysia. :)
I. IN LOVE WITH = my lovers. hekhek
J. JUNGLE = jungle-trekking?
K. KILLED SOMEONE = with my smiles. peewwitt!
L. LONGEST CAR RIDE = hmm...still never have one that is so long.
N. NUMBER OF SIBLING = 4 and i am the first.
O. ONE WISH = live life, laugh often, love much. (kira satu wish la kn sb tulis dlm satu ayt. hekhek)
P. PERSON YOU CALLED LAST = nini my buddy. :)
Q. QUESTION = do you smile? do it if you don't. :)
R. REASON TO SMILE = to make others smile too. :)
S. SONG YOU LAST HEARD = sepi-sixth sense. OST ayoub ni mg sgt best. hikhik
T. TIME YOU WAKE UP = 5 for pre-dawn meal this morning. 2 pun my mum kejutkan. hekhek
U. UNDERWEAR COLOUR = aiyoo....apa punya soalan daa.....
W. WORST HABIT = keeper?huh.
Y. YOYOS ARE = for kids. haha
Z. ZODIAC SIGN = leo. garang tw...dekatla kalau berani. :p

ok, i am honored to give this not-so herculean task to:

2-harabuji, albeit that i have to wait for years to get her do this, hee
3-kak dya
5-kak zai

those who have been tagged by ain, i didn't put their names here ok. :)
happy doing and tagging!

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