27 November 2010

this is what i got few days ago, maybe few weeks ago while listening to fly.fm.
the DJs + listeners were discussing on one question:
what is your/ your friend bad habit?

the answers were varied,
and even stupid.

one listener called and said that she is not only tweeting while driving,
she even BLOGGING!
how can she do that, i do not know.

okay, her action is seriously very dangerous.
for her and for all on the road.
imagine when she is busy BLOGGING while driving.
where do you think she will put more attention?
on driving or on blogging or whatsoever?
i guess that the higher percentage will likely fall to blogging right?
because i know, even every netizen knows that internet can somehow bring people to another world,
world of illusion and imagination and fantasy and whatsoever where the real world is partially or fully abandoned.
when less attention is given to driving,
less attention will also be given to the other drivers on the road,
less attention will also be given to the safety,
her safety and others'.
she may make a new post by blogging while driving,
but she may make a new grave in the cemetery,
other driver's grave,
or hers.

please, please, please guys,
never never never blogging,
or even messaging while driving.
we all love our life even if you don't.
don't ruin your whole life by regretting the guilt that you have made someone lost his or her love one/s.

sorry if anyone of you get upset while reading this,
cause this is not posted to condemn others,
this is solely for reminder to me and to you.
thank you.

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