14 June 2011

Ahmad Zharif: a new member of the family :)

Ahmad Zharif bin Amil was born,
making him the youngest in our family!
 My uncle held a feast to celebrate his birth but we couldn't make it since it was on the same day as my aunt's wedding.

So, we went to visit him today.
He was so tiny, reminding me of my youngest brother when he was about the same age.
His face and body is all red, what more when he is doing "stretching". LOL

He can really drink a big amount of milk.
While I was there, he has already drank 2 bottles of milk and a bottle of plain water.
He really can drink...

My aunt must be having a hard time taking care of him alone at home since her husband is out for work from morning till evening while her two children are away for studies.
She has to make sure that Zharif is fell asleep before she can really do work.
The moment we came to her house earlier, she took quite some time to open the door even after the bell was rung a few times because Zharif is awake and he wants milk.
Because of the late giving him milk, he cried for quite some time.
And that was pretty high in volume. hee

To Ahmad Zharif,
may you grow up well and be a good son to your parents,
a good "maknae" to your siblings,
a good grandchild to your grandparents,
a good family member to us,
a good student to your teachers,
a good friend to your peers,
a good worker to your employers,
a good member to the society,
a good citizen to the nation,
and most importantly,
a good servant to Him.


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