29 June 2011

Happy Birthday Roomate Tersayang!!! Double Triple Surprises!!!

Today is my beloved roomate's birthday!!!
Say Happy Birthday to her!

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you Cik Azie,
Happy Birthday to you!!!

May God bless you Cik Azie,
wishing you the best in your life!!
May laughter and smiles accompany your days ahead.

Be wiser as you grow older.
May our friendship get stronger as it grows.

Around her small birthday celebration... :)

28 June 2011




and so on.....

siasat punya siasat.

gali punya gali.

cari punya cari.


budak tu kat sini.

dan aku je yang tak perasan
sampailah aku ternampak muka abang dia.

macam pernah nampak,
tapi di mana ye?

ingat dah.

registration day tu la.

junior aku rupanya....huuu


keciknya dunia.............




25 June 2011

Today and Hari Ini

Salam and hi all!!!

Woke up this morning, took a bath and washed some clothes,
then stuck on the chair with the lappy in front, watching korean drama my princess
(officially finished watching it today!)
while having breakfast.

Didn't realize that time went by, it was almost three.
Sent fiffy a text message to go out at 315pm.
Quickly got ready and went out of the room at about 325pm when fiffy came to my room.
Went to the destination by foot under the continuous heartless attack of the hot sun,
reached the destination,
straight away went to send the shoes to be repaired.
The shop repairer promised to finish repairing in about an hour.

Went to withdraw money,
and bought some brooches.
Brooches kept missing and always need to be replaced with new ones.

Headed to the bookstore to find any interesting reading materials,
Fifah unable to find her SOLUSI.

Went upstairs to go to other bookstores.
Managed to find the mag that Fifah wanted.
Still got time before heading to fill the empty tummy,
wandering around all levels in there.

About to get into McD to eat when
Fifah's dad called.
Waited for him to come.

Straight away going to McD to fill the stomach.
Fifah lost her appetite and didnt finish her burger.
We took away and went to the shop repairer.

Saw our shoes, but still hasnt finished repaired.
Waited for half an hour for the shoes.

Went downstairs to buy oranges.
Putihnya!!! Handsomenya!!!!
Tapi klon je. =.=
Tapi mengingatkan kepada UPSTAIRS gak. :)
Went upstairs to perform prayers.
About to go back.
Realised Fifah's umbrella went missing.

Went back without the umbrella in hand.
That was today's report.
Thanks. hee

23 June 2011

Berukband Dulu VS Broadband Sekarang

O yeah!
Dapat balik BERUKband aku!
Ops. BROADband.hee
Dulu mg la BERUKband sebab line tah mcm apa.
Rasa mcm nk campak ke laut pun ada.
Tapi sekarang dah jadi kesayangan sebab sangat berjasa.
Download segala mcm benda mcm da tade hari esok.

BROADband da bernyawa semula sebab da bagi makan kenyang2!
Tu je nak gtw.


20 June 2011

Saengil Chukahamnida, Saengil Chukahamnida, Saengil Chukahamnida Zai Unni! :)

Today is my lovely sister's birthday, Kak Zai!
Happy Birthday Kak Zai!!
Her birthday this year is on the same day as our first day  in institute for the new semester.
I would put it as a luck then. heee

May my beautiful Kak Zai will have a blast birthday and may everything that she wishes comes true.
Wishing her the best in her life accompanied by all her beloved ones.
Stay happy and healthy Kak Zai so that you can fulfill each and every thing that dream of all this while.
Make them all into realities!

All the best!!
Love you loads! :)

p/s: A cake for you, coutesy of Google. hehehe
Pink suits you well. :)

14 June 2011

Ahmad Zharif: a new member of the family :)

Ahmad Zharif bin Amil was born,
making him the youngest in our family!
 My uncle held a feast to celebrate his birth but we couldn't make it since it was on the same day as my aunt's wedding.

So, we went to visit him today.
He was so tiny, reminding me of my youngest brother when he was about the same age.
His face and body is all red, what more when he is doing "stretching". LOL

He can really drink a big amount of milk.
While I was there, he has already drank 2 bottles of milk and a bottle of plain water.
He really can drink...

My aunt must be having a hard time taking care of him alone at home since her husband is out for work from morning till evening while her two children are away for studies.
She has to make sure that Zharif is fell asleep before she can really do work.
The moment we came to her house earlier, she took quite some time to open the door even after the bell was rung a few times because Zharif is awake and he wants milk.
Because of the late giving him milk, he cried for quite some time.
And that was pretty high in volume. hee

To Ahmad Zharif,
may you grow up well and be a good son to your parents,
a good "maknae" to your siblings,
a good grandchild to your grandparents,
a good family member to us,
a good student to your teachers,
a good friend to your peers,
a good worker to your employers,
a good member to the society,
a good citizen to the nation,
and most importantly,
a good servant to Him.


What to do?

Got so many things to write here.
Too many I would say.
But time restricts.
Till then.
C U.

13 June 2011

Happy Birthday Nurul Ainul Hafizah Shmuri! :)

Happy Birthday!
May God bless you
and may everything that you wish for comes true.
May peace follow you all the way.
Stay happy and healthy besides you loved ones.
I love you!

This was taken when we were in secondary school. I don't remember which year we were in.

This was taken during our class farewell party in 2008.

This was taken last year.

Wishing you the best mytwin!

MUET. Thank you Allah :)

MUET result was out today.
Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah for me getting that result.
Unexpected but it was an unexpected gift from Him.
Congratulations for my other fellow colleagues for their own results.

I am currently worrying much about my final exam result.
Hope that everything will be fine.
Pray for the best.

hak milik kekal dan terpelihara nurfarah wahidah.