06 May 2011

That day was a rainy day.

Salam and 안녕!

After submitting TITAS file to Farah, my dongsaeng Fifah the Fiffy ( bluekk!) , Kiena and I went to eat at our usual place.
When we were eating, the rain was pouring down heavily with the accompaniment of the thunder.

Done eating, went to the shop next to 7e to ask the owner regarding my phone.
It hasn't been three weeks yet and the phone has gone crazy.
What the?

Suddenly, Fifay said that she forgot to buy something that Farah's asked her to buy.
We went back to Cenderawasih and bought the food.

Thought things had settled, happily walking back to the institute.
Passing by the shop, suddenly I remembered,
Cik Azie!
I forgot to take the food Cik Azie asked me to buy just now!

Quickly we WENT BACK to Cenderwasih and paid for the food.
The sister at the stall was grinning.
Perhaps she realized how many times did we went there and never once remembered about the food.

Went back to the institute, now for real with the sense of relief since everything had settled.

Haha, banyak makan semut ye......semua benda lupa :p

Till then. :)

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