19 May 2011

Look back and walk away? Nope. Look back, walk towards it and move on. You will feel better.

For the first time in two years,
I met her again.
For the first time in two years,
I saw her face.
She is still the same.
And what is different is
my feelings towards her.
I was searching for my anger and hatred at that time,
but to no avail.
They have disappeared.
And I greeted her.
time heals.
What more distance.
Two years without meeting her,
not even once
or by coincidence
makes the wound heals by itself,
without me realising it.
she did something overboard.
Too much that even my second life is hurt.

Everything seems OK now. seems.
Distance makes me easier to forget that painful memory.
To forget that,
never will I.
Or never can I.

time and distance heal you faster.

hak milik kekal dan terpelihara nurfarah wahidah.