07 May 2011

How much is too much?

Salam and 안녕!

Wanna share a few info with you.
You should know on how much you should consume your products.
Thanks to Seventeen magazine for giving me this beneficial information.

- All you need is 50 cent- sized amount.
- Mix it with some water so that it goes on skin more smoothly without being too abrasive.

- Use a panadol-sized amount.
Too much may cause tiny, oil-filled sacs called milia to appear around the eye area.

- A teaspoon is the absolute minimum to protect your skin.
- This is the one product to overload on!

- A pea-sized amount because any more might irritate the skin, and encourage excessive sebum production.

- Squeeze out around 2 centimeters.
- There's no point in using too much, as you'll just be wasting your cleanser.

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