08 March 2011

♥ BIG ♥

Salam and 안녕!

This is going to be a photo-filled entry cos I am too lazy to write this night.
Sleepy already.
Will be focusing on our BIG- Bina Insan Guru which was held at Telok Gorek Camp Site and Chalet, Mersing, Johor.
Everyone was extremely excited knowing that we were going for camping albeit there were some minor problems at first since the briefing was so out of the blue.
After all, we managed to go through the BIG as the first series almost perfectly.
It was exhausting but it also was fun and enjoyable plus having the chance to gain extra and additional knowledge on many things that we did not know.
OK. Cut it out.
Let the photos narrate the whole story.

Scroll down please. :)

The first day: before getting on the bus to Teluk Gorek.

The girls with all the backpacks and luggages and stuffs and hangers and scarfs and sleeping bags and don't know what else.

The boys after arriving at Teluk Gorek. The girls were not in the photo for they were cleaning and arranging the kitchen stuffs. We were going to cook by ourselves. O yeah!

The Penghulu and the Penghuluwati. :)
They are awesome. :)
Photo-snapping while waiting for the other bus to arrive.
Yeah2! The menus for the whole 4 days!
We were going to cook!
Bear the uniqueness of the tastes. :p
Ariel's group
Acap's group
Aliff's group
OTW to Resang Waterfall for our adventure activity.
Starting to  light up fire to cook lunch for the group members.
Cutting the veggies and onions.
A heavenly meal after a 2-hour struggle cooking.
My group members with sandwiches in the mouth each.
Take nothing except photos and leave nothing except footprints. Here you go!
Simulation activities after distant walking.
Kayaking activity started!
As usual the infamous Nabila with the pose.
Some of the lecturers together with us during the camp.
My group members again!
During the Malam Kebudayaan BIG.:)
Our final photo to be carved as one of our unforgettable memories for a lifetime. :)

Till then.

All photos used are courtesy of Aliff and Hafiz.


Imzainieyzulkipli said...

ewarghhh best aktiviti mcm tue kn..

farah booboo said...

betul tu!
sihatkan badan + tambah pgalaman :)

Heidi Shafiq said...

wow.. meriah giler korang.. :)

farah booboo said...

hehehe, haruslah! hee

alin said...

bestnye...i luv camping!! ;)

farah booboo said...

alin: me too! :)

hak milik kekal dan terpelihara nurfarah wahidah.