14 January 2011

Weekdays' stuffs in a whole

Salam and 안녕!

A quite an exhausting week ended today, well, unofficially, since piles of work to be worked on. Got presentations, class stuffs, novels to finish and all. It just luck that a trailer of assignments has yet to show up in front of me with the scary smiling face, demanding them to be accomplished A.S.A.P. huu

This week's agenda briefly explained below:

- Tuesday's day off. Went out with the cutest, coolest F4. Headed to Angsana at around 12. Bought some class' stuffs for upcoming Friday's (today) gotong-royong. 

 - Got too tired and ended up waking p in the cold wet morning with earphone on all night. 3 nights repeated. Unconsciously done.

- Presentation Child Development, the first one for this semester, more to come! Miss Goh was simply AWESOME! Never got tired to hear her lectures. She made the whole DDKA in chaos because of her naturally-come-out-from-the-mouth-with-nothing-planned jokes. Hehe. Good job Miss Goh! weee

-O yeah! BMK with Mr NORDIN was sooo much fun, laughters for sure. He is simply hilarious with the static serious face even while making oh no-this-is-so-funny jokes. Haha. Asked to come out with a verse, created on our own, or taken from the oldies. Haha. What I learnt was NEVER put stupid, crazy and on top of all-hilarious "pembayang" (dun know the correct word in English, well, do English have pantun anyway? hee)

- Continue watching another Korean drama, Playful Kiss, starring Kim Hyun Joong my honey with a newcomer (I guess so), Jung Seong Min. Good chemistry between a stuck up genius and a clumsy average. Did their job well with the help of other supporting casts. Anyway, read in an article somewhere mentioning that that drama was not going very well, the rating dropped gradually. Anyway Kim Hyun Joong, I AM HERE to keep on SUPPORTING you! hee

-  Got excited with some reasons to be so. Hehehe
(nampak tak hati saya berbunga-bunga dengan meriahnya? weeee~~)
At last, knew his real name. Phewww~
Congrats to myself for making such a big achievement! wakakaka~!
And some other small happy exciting events these days. weeee~
Thank you, you! (To whom are you thanking to? huu)

ini saya bila saya penat.
a sleeping log, sleeps like there is no tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow (oh, that was shakespeare's!)

- Oh! Not to forget my maksu's birthday is today!
May God bless!
Wishing you the best in your life. :)
Ok, my mother bought my maksu an icecream cake and I wasn't there to eat together with them. huuuuu

These weekdays' stories end.



TunTeja said...

playful kiss tu best x?! awak dwld la dik.nnt akak mintak.hehehe

farah booboo said...

kak dya: hehe..best! sebab ade kim hyun joong! weee~ mak dy comel gle dlm cte tu, jadi gf dy pun ble..hee
roomate kita da download, nak ke? hehe

:: noremy anak rahmat :: said...

follow & blogwalking..

mehla jemput ke belog ai..

salam kenal! (^_^)

cHeN-Ta said...

new entry??
like it!!
especially when u're heart is full with 'kebun cempedak'..hahahaha

a.z.r.i.n.a.03.07 said...

Salam Kenal Farah. Kita in the same house at BlogLarian. (^_^)

comel betul KHJ tu !

farah booboo said...

noremy: thanks! will do :)

farah booboo said...

cik kula: hikhik,,,,,kebun cempedak tu wani punya j....hahha
aku taman bunga..weeeee

azrina: selamat berkenalan juga! will visit you! :)

hak milik kekal dan terpelihara nurfarah wahidah.