13 November 2010

went to desa murni,
a shop that sells various kinds of scarfs,
and what's most important is..
affordable. :)
you cannot get those scarfs with the same price as desa murni's at any other places.
worth going, worth buying. :)

off then we went to pasar payang,
searching for all sorts of things,
bought some stuffs to be brought home,
and went back home after.

credits to my cute cik azie for bringing us "jalan-jalan."

at cik azie's home,
meeting the cute aisyah amani (spelled right?) for the first time.

followed cik azie to her aunt's house,
meeting her nieces and nephews,
ate jambu madu with "colek" (spelled right?),
soy sauce + belacan + few chillies.

at home, i usually eat jambu with soy sauce + sugar.
here is kinda different, but nice. :)

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