02 November 2010

stuffs to share.

imagining great things shows that you are intelligent,
in a way,
depending on what imaginations are you imagining.
do not be over imagined with all those imaginations.
cos you will never want people put you into their wrong imaginations and assumptions,

fear of walking alone?
living alone?
watching horror movies?
staying alone?
fear of examinations?
cannot do well in exams?
fear of loneliness?
or fear of yourself?
everything in this world has its own solution.
so, chill.
you don't necessarily have to keep you fear away,
just let it stay,
and things will be just better for you,



sYu's RaMLi said...

unicorn in the garden...lalala..

booboo said...

haha...tp tak masuk punya final..lalala

hak milik kekal dan terpelihara nurfarah wahidah.