06 November 2010

stuffs to share. (2)

so, chill and never be too stressed out ok?
hee...remember that you are trying to tell yourself to do so as well nurfarah wahidah.
do problems exist because they want to brush up our rusty brain to think?
why do they exist?
to make our life miserable?
to make us stressed out?
to make us feel free to think of the solutions to get rid of them?
to make us a better person,
to make a stronger person,
to make us more independent,
to make us realize that life is never an EASY journey.
cos in the middle there will always be obstacles.
obstacles that teach us how to grow maturely,
how to live independently,
and how to value all the momentous events we ever had in our life. :)

is there by any chance you ever found people that have similar characteristics,
similar face,
similar styles,
or at least similar name as yours?
an absolute yes right?
how similar that person with you,
they can never be the same,
because you are you,
and they are they.
that makes a great difference.
why should we care too much on our appearance that may be a slight different from others?
there are many people out there that have a lot more alien-like characteristics,
but they still CHILL.
cos they know that they are being themselves.

ever read the short story entitled
by jhumpa lahiri?
read it and you'll find the answer for this cartoon strip.
everyone defines success in their own way,
based on their own achievement,
based on their own experiences,
and based on their own daily life.
in that story,
the protagonist defines achievement and success in himself
as simple as buying milk from the store every morning.
this may sound very simple for others,
or cannot even be defined as success,
but why do we care much about others?
accept and be proud with what we have and keep going.
nothing that we do is wrong if we really know that it is still right.
remember that we do have the RIGHT to ourselves,
and our life.

guys, CHILL!

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