04 November 2010

nudra, thanks for tagging. ♥

tagged by my dear nudra,
really sorry, only managed to do it today,
didn't notice that entry lorh. huu
btw, here are my answers!

credits tu nudra. ♥

what is your full name?
Nurfarah Wahidah binti Mohd Hamid.

when is your birthday?
- 26th July 1991

what is your sugar daddy's name?
- sugar daddy? too many.haha. NONE.

what is your mum's name?
- Puan Salasiah.♥

how many siblings do you have?
- 4. interested? prohibited. :p

where do you live?
- currently living and studying in ipg KTI, JB.

your favourite colour?
- BLUE!!♥
- white

still studying?
- I am, as mentioned in the previous question.

do you have a bestfriend?
- No . i don't have a best friend. i have a few best of the best besties.♥

do you love them?
- a definite yes.

pop or jazz?
- preferably pop.

chicken or beef?
- Chicken. i can't take beef as freely and as crazily as i take chicken. don't go for beef that much.

coke or 100 plus?
- none. maybe slightly go for 100 plus.

what brand is your purse?
- Nurfarah Wahidah's.haha

how much do you have in your wallet right now?
- No time to count. but enough for me to eat for a few days and treat the tagger. hahak

high heels or flat?
- high heels but never sky high heels. for a long walk, preferably flat.

skirts or jeans?
- jeans.

shirt or blouse?
- both.

watch or bracelet?
- watch. can't live without my watch on hand.

favourite watch's brand?
- Anything suitable and comfortable plus high endurance. hikhik

do you have boyfriend/girlfriend?
- Not yet.

did you love him?
- When the time comes.

did you ever kiss him?
- urgh.

facebook or myspace?
- FB.

what is your dream?
- live a lively life blessed with Allah's love.


, sangat baik.
, Comel. ♥
, m impressed with her writings.
, she's got a blog too. (link above)
, may she get everything that she wants in her life. ♥

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