30 November 2010

a little love that fills a big space in my heart. ♥

* we met on one sunny day, under the protection of a big, strong shelter.

* my heart was pondering, butterflies were singing their joy in my stomach, my eyes were stunned to one static side, and my lips couldn't stop giving out smiles.

* we are near yet far, too far that i can't even reach you, or stand next to you, nor can i hear the voice of your heart.

* i can look at you as much as i want, but i can never speak my heart to you, ever.

* i always smile and laugh in front of you but you can never see those, 'cos you are too far.

* i love everything i know about you but you know nothing about me, nothing.

* i love your eyes, your smiles, your girl-like hands, and your everything, but again, you know nothing about me.

* you change your hair cut, some are not my cup of tea, but still, i can accept those. because it is in you.

* i may love to see other good-looking boys, even adoring them but you've got a long-term spot here in my heart. so no worries.

* i do not know why you are the one. even if others are questioning why, questioning your appearance and whatsoever, i keep on staying still and firm on my stand.

* mine may happen to be one-sided, but who cares? you are still the only one even if others are condemning. who are they anyway?

* i may not know everything about you, but something is always better than nothing, isn't it?

* by any chance, can our hearts meet one day? even though yours have been given to her.

* maybe this is what i feel if i ever met my true love out there, right?

* hope that i will have no reasons to love my true love, 'cos i want to take him as he is, just like you.

* you do not know,
but i know.
and it is more than enough for me.

this is truly NOT a crap.


a-En said...

who knows what happened next,
may u meet your true love someday,
love the way he is,
give your sincere,pure love to the one u love,
u deserve to love and to be loved by somebody someone out there,
hehe (=

ps: hahah,cm nak buat entry laen ja kat blog kamuuu..

booboo said...

hahah, thanks kekura!
tahu kn siapa dy?
si sepet kesayangan saya itulah. hikhik

booboo said...
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Tun said...

wiwit :)

aen said...

si sepet kesayangan kamu?
sepetkah upstairs?

hak milik kekal dan terpelihara nurfarah wahidah.