19 October 2010

a special entry for a special someone.

khas buat Muhammad Syahmi bin Osman,

a big brother of mine,

in fact,

the BEST.


i have no brothers (my big bro passed away before i could even call him "abang")

so, i appreciate your existence.

you know me perfectly well.

in fact, you know your two sisters well.

you know how to handle us, who are extremely naughty well.

and you know how to coax us, well.

i like this song a lot, and this is for you, bro. :(

nope. i can't continue to feel :(, right bro? :)

doa perpisahan- brothers

Pertemuan kita di suatu hari

Menitikkan ukhuwah yang sejati

Bersyukurku kehadap Illahi

Di atas jalinan yang suci

Namun kini perpisahan yang terjadi

Dugaan yang menimpa diri

Bersabarlah diatas suratan

Kau tetap pergi jua

Kan kuutuskan salam ingatanku

Dalam doa kudusku sepanjang waktu

Ya Allah bantulah hamba-Mu

Mencari hidayah dari pada-Mu

Dalam mendidikan kesabaranku

Ya Allah tabahkan hati hamba-Mu

Diatas perpisahan ini

O.. uwo.. ho..

Teman betapa pilunya hatiku

Menghadapi perpisahan ini

Pahit manis perjuangan

Telah kita rasa bersama

Semoga Allah meredhai

Persahabatan dan perpisahan ini

Teruskan perjuangan

Kan kuutuskan salam ingatanku

Dalam doa kudusku sepanjang waktu

Ya Allah bantulah hamba-Mu

Senyuman yang tersirat di bibirmu

Menjadi ingatan setiap waktu

Tanda kemesraan bersimpul padu

Kenangku di dalam doamu

Semoga... Tuhan berkatimu

Oo.. ho.. o...

during his farewell last night,

i couldn't speak my mind in front of everybody.

i dun know what to say.


just so you know,

- thanks, thank you very very much for everything.

- thank you and sorry for bullying you to buy mcflurry for me. huu

- thank you for your advices, that i will never forget.

- thank you for being my brother.

- thank you for waking my mind up.

- thank you for the teddy (will be uploaded later) that will always remind me of you.

- thank you for uniting us again.

- thank you for making me realize that you are always beside me whenever i am sad.

- thank you for treating me kindly, and nicely, just like your own sister. :)

- thank you for waiting one hour to hear the truth from my side.

- thank you for willing to use up all your credits (i didn't do that on purpose k.)

- thank you for bringing back the old me. :)

- thank you, bro, really.

- sorry for not treating you good enough throughout these 3 sems.

- sorry for not being a good sister of yours.

- sorry for bullying you.

- sorry if i ever done anything that hurt you. i may not realize that i never say sorry to you...

- sorry, bro, truly.

Some of the messages that he sent to me and his other sisters.

I want them to be carved here so that, if ever those messages been accidentally deleted from my phone, they will remain readable, and unforgettable, in this blog.

Sy da nk blik. Jg dri

tau sume. Moga

ukhwah ni brpanjgan.

Sy syg sume. Sori n

thanks byk tau

Received: 09:52:45


>> InsyaAllah our friendship will remain and never can end, bro. J

Wahida... Kte ada adik

kt ipti. 2 org.

Mawadah ngan nur

farah aini qurratu

wahida J. 2 je tau.

Kte x nk adik kte jd 3.

Tlg kte ye. Jgn biarkan

Adik kte jd 3

Received: 12:17:53


>> InsyaAllah, your sisters here will remain 2, only mawaddah and nurfarah aini qurratu wahidah. Just like what you want, bro. J

Ha3. Wahida tlg tgkkn

ain ye. Antara

wahida, mawadah

ngan ain, ain yg plg x

kuat. Bantu die tau.

Tlg die lg blh tlg ye.

Syahmi da jauh. Mmg

x mampu wat pape.

Wahida tgk2 kn ain tau

Received: 17:19:43


>> InsyaAllah Syahmi, raksasa kucing kecil ni bersedia berkhidmat bile-bile masa diperlukan. Btw, ain kan kita. So, kita kenalah ade ngn ain through thick or thin, kan bro? Sebab kita ngn ain SATU. J

Actually bro, I feel quite disappointed since I didn’t manage to see you when you went back home that Monday morning. If only I didn’t have to do send the register and do the analysis, perhaps I can meet you, kan bro? L

More disappointing when i didn’t get to hang out with you together with them because i went back home. But, at that point of time, I really need to escape myself from the painful environment. But now, it’s over.

~the two sisters of yours~

Syahmi, some of the things that you have to know;

- We are fortunate to have such a brother like you (and you are fortunate for having us too. hikhik)

- You HAVE to take good care of yourself

- You HAVE to come here whenever you have time because we will always have time for you. InsyaAllah

- Online fb salu tw

- Promise me that your condition will get better so that you can come and visit us often.

- My bro is super strong right? Go and fight the monsters!

- Syahmi mesti sihat!

- Syahmi mesti kuat!

- Syahmi mesti kental!

- Sebab? Kami ada... J


a-En said...

nanges lagi..

ain mmg xkuat,
thanks salu tlong ain,

~binbin~ said...

huhuk...nangis la ain selagi boleh nangis...kalau tu ble kurangkan rasa sedih ain...

hak milik kekal dan terpelihara nurfarah wahidah.