25 September 2010



after a long time i've been abandoning my blog,
here is the new entry.

still about my hari raya at home.
the first raya.
finally kiki managed to go to the cemetery.
together with us.
he seemed soooooooo understanding...
i dunno how to say it,
but that was it.

my mum said,
a few days before we went to the cemetery,
he always asked;
"mak, nak pegi kubur"
OMG my dear...do you know what the "kubur" really is?

he seemed so excited to go there to meet daddy.
upon arriving, he seemed lost since he had never gone there before.
we showed him daddy's grave.
he didn't know how to recite any prayer, so he played with the small stones around.
he put some flowers on daddy's grave.
i asked him;
"ni kubur sape dik?
and he answered;
"kubur ayah"

we went to grandpa's and abang's.
after my uncle visited his grandpa's grave, we went home.
before kiki got into the car,
he said,
"bye2 ayah, adik balik dulu."
OMG.. i felt like crying at that time.
was he too understanding or what?

after we got home,
my mother asked kiki;
"ayah mana dik?"
"ayah kat kubur"
"nape tak ikot balik?"
"ayah kat dalam.."

kiki....i love you....really2 much.:)


. nurulhidayahbtjuhari . said...

im tears again. kiki, i love you too. yes, kak nurul love you as youre my lil brothers.

~binbin~ said...


hak milik kekal dan terpelihara nurfarah wahidah.